FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

When 0 is set in the parameter PASSWD, the number 0 is displayed, and
the password function is disabled. In other words, the password function
can be disabled by either not setting parameter PASSWD at all, or by
setting 0 in parameter PASSWD after step 3 of the procedure for
unlocking. To ensure that the locked state is not entered, care must be
taken not to set a value other than 0 in parameter PASSWD.
After the locked state has been released, it can be set again by setting a
different value in parameter PASSWD, or by turning the power to the NC
off then on again to reset parameter KEYWD.
Once the locked state is set, parameter NE9 cannot be set
to 0 and parameter PASSWD cannot be changed until the
locked state is released or the memory all–clear operation
is performed. Special care must be taken in setting
parameter PASSWD.
D Setting 0 in parameter
D Re–locking

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