FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

[Example of using wild cards]
(Entered character string) (Group for which the search will be made)
(a) “*” CNC programs having any name
(b) *ABC CNC programs having names which end
with “ABC”
(c) “ABC*” CNC programs having names which start
with “ABC”
(d) “*ABC*” CNC programs having names which
include “ABC”
(e) “?A?C” CNC programs having four–character
names, the second and fourth characters
of which are A and C, respectively
(f) “??A?C” CNC programs having five–character
names, the third and fifth characters of
which are A and C, respectively
(g) “123*456” CNC programs having names which start
with “123” and which end with “456”
If no program is located as a result of a search for an entered character
string, warning message “DATA NOT FOUND” is displayed on the
program list screen.
A group–unit program list, generated by a search, is held until the power
is turned off or until another search is performed.
After changing the screen from the group–unit program list to another
screen, pressing the [PR–GRP] operation soft key (displayed in step 6)
redisplays the group–unit program list screen, on which the program
names for the previously searched group are listed. Using this soft key
eliminates the need to enter the relevant character string again to redisplay
the search results after changing the screen.
Assume that the main programs and subprograms for machining gear part
number 1000 all have names which include character string
“GEAR–1000.” The numbers and names of those programs can be listed
by searching through the names of all CNC programs for character string
“GEAR–1000.” This function facilitates the management of the CNC
programs stored in large–capacity memory.
D When the specified
character string cannot
be found
D Holding the group for
which a search is made
D Group for which
previous search was

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