FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Both the start point and end point must be within 100 turns from the point
where the involute curve starts. An involute curve can be specified to
make one or more turns in a single block.
If the specified start point or end point is beyond 100 turns from the point
where the involute curve starts, P/S alarm No. 242 is issued.
In involute interpolation mode, chamfer corner R (with an arbitrary
angle), helical cutting, or axis–by–axis scaling functions cannot be
Involute interpolation cannot be used in the following modes:
G41.1 (G151) : Normal direction control left side on
G42.1 (G152) : Normal direction control right side on
G07.1 (G107) : Cylindrical interpolation
G12.1 : Polar coordinate interpolation mode
G16 : Polar coordinates command
G72.1 : Drawing copy
The curvature of an involute curve varies rather sharply near the base
circle. In such locations, a larger load is applied to the cutter when the
programmed feedrate is used for cutting; in this case, the surface produced
may be somewhat uneven
D Number of involute curve
D Unspecifiable functions
D Modes that do not allow
involute interpolation
D Cutting accuracy

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