FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

There are the following two functions in Dynamic Graphics.
Path graphic
Solid graphic
This is used to draw the path of tool center com-
manded by the part program.
This is used to draw the workpiece figure machined by
tool movement commanded by the part program.
The path graphic function is used to precisely check the part program for
drawing the tool path with a line. The solid graphic function is used to
draw the workpiece figure to be machined with a program. Thus, it is easy
to recognize roughly the part program. These two functions can be used
freely by switching them.
The path graphic feature calls a program from memory and draws the tool
path specified by the program. This feature provides the following
The user can choose the drawing plane from four types of plane views,
two types of isometric projection views, and biplane view.
When an isometric projection view is used, the drawing can be rotated
horizontally and vertically.
A drawing can be enlarged or reduced by specifying a magnification from
0.01 to 100 with respect to the actual size. In addition, a drawing can be
automatically enlarged or reduced by setting maximum and minimum
A range of the program can be drawn by specifying a starting sequence
number and ending sequence number.
The user can specify whether to apply tool length offset and cutter
compensation to drawing. This way, either the actual programmed path
or the tool path can be drawn.
When a tool path is drawn on a color CRT screen, the colors used can be
chosen from seven colors including white. The color of the tool path can
be changed according to the T code.
The CNC automatically determines the maximum and minimum drawing
coordinates for each program. This means that drawing can be performed
with a magnification automatically determined according to these
maximum and minimum values.
Except for biplane views the user can enlarge all types of drawings by a
factor of up to 100 while looking at the drawing that has been made.
The current tool position can be displayed on the screen.
The current position can also be indicated using coordinates.
Path Drawing
1. Drawing plane
2. Drawing rotation
3. Drawing enlargement
and reduction
4. Partial drawing
5. Programmed path
and tool path
6. Color
7. Automatic scaling
8. Partial enlargement
9. Indicating the current
tool position with a
10. Indicating the
coordinates of the
current position

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