FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

No part program which has not been registered in memory can be drawn.
Also, it is necessary that the M02 or M30 should be commanded at the
end of the part program.
The period of mark blinking is short when the tool is moving and becomes
longer when the tool stops.
The mark indicating the current position of tool is displayed on the XY
plane view when the biplane drawing is performed.
Parameter 6501 (CSR, bit 5) is used to specify whether to use J or x as
the mark for indicating the current tool position and the center of a
partially enlarged drawing.
Parameter 6500 (DPO, bit 5) is used to specify whether to display the
coordinates of the current position on the tool path drawing screen.
If a program specifies a coordinate system change, parameter 6501 (ORG,
bit 0) is used to specify whether to draw without changing the coordinate
system or to draw by regarding the current drawing position as the current
position in the new coordinate system.
If machine operation is not allowed, no drawing can be carried out. No
drawing can be made during machine operation. The setting data and
switches required for drawing are as shown below:
Setting data and switch Status
Tool offset amount Set it properly when performing drawing
while the tool offset amount becomes valid.
Single block Off
Optional block skip Set it properly.
Feed hold Off
The partial enlargement can be carried out on the plane view and isometric
projection view. No partial enlargement can be made in the drawing of
the biplane view.
In dynamic graphics display, drawing cannot be executed while the
machine is operating even though this is possible in ordinary graphics
display (see III–12.1). However, after drawing is executed, the operator
can see how the tool moves along the tool path by operating the machine
while displaying the mark for the current position of the tool.
It is necessary that the setting data and switches related to the machine
operation should be the same status between drawing operation and
machining operation for properly displaying the current position of tool
on the drawn tool path.
For the two–path lathe control, two paths can not be displayed at the same
D Graphic program
D Mark for the tool current
D Position mark
D Display of the coordinate
D Changing the coordinate
D Graphic condition
D Partial enlargement
D Tool current position
D Two–path lathe control

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