FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

The solid graphics draws the figure of a workpieces machined by the
movement of a tool.
The following graphic functions are provided :
Solid model graphic is drawn by surfaces so that the machined figure can
be recognized concretely.
It is possible to draw a blank figure before machining.
A rectangular parallelepiped and a circular column or cylinder can be
drawn. A circular column or cylinder parallel to the X–axis, Y–axis, or
Z–axis can be selected.
It is possible to draw the progress of machining by simulation.
It is possible to draw the final finish machined figure.
The user can choose from four drawing directions and eight tilting angles.
It is possible to draw XY plane views as well as solid model views. Height
of the workpiece is discriminated by color for color CRT or brightness for
monochrome CRT.
In addition to a solid drawing, a triplane view can be drawn. The user can
choose from four types of plane view and side view positions. The user
can freely change the cross–section position of a side view.
It is possible to install tools in the direction which is parallel to the X or
Y axis as well as the Z axis.
It is possible to change tools during machining by the part program
Solid Graphics
1. Solid model graphic
2. Blank figure graphics
3. Drawing of machining
4. Drawing of final machined
5. Changing of drawing direction
6. Plane view graphics
7. Triplane view graphic
8. Horizontal hole machining
9. Tool change during machining

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