FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Some examples of cross–sectional views are given below for the left view
and front view shown on the previous page.
Sectional view 1
Sectional view 2
If the machine operation is not enabled, no drawing can be made. No
drawing can be made during operation of machine. The main setting data
and switches needed on drawing are as shown below:
Setting data/switch Status needed for drawing
Tool offset value
It is necessary to set the cutter compensation
value properly. The tool length offset is ignored.
Single block Off
Optional block skip Properly set it.
Feed hold Off
Tools which set the tool figure are limited to the cylinder figure
(equivalent to flat end mill).
In solid graphics, paths based on helical interpolation cannot be drawn.
For the two–path lathe control, two paths can not be displayed at the same
D Cross section position
selection in triplane
D Graphic condition
D Tool form
D Helical interpolation
D Two–path lathe control

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