FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Number ContentsMessage
231 ILLEGAL FORMAT IN G10 OR L50 Any of the following errors occurred in the specified format at the
programmable–parameter input.
1) Address N or R was not entered.
2) A number not specified for a parameter was entered.
3) The axis number was too large.
4) An axis number was not specified in the axis–type parameter.
5) An axis number was specified in the parameter which is not an axis
6) An attempt was made to reset bit 4 of parameter 3202 (NE9) or
change parameter 3210 (PSSWD) when they are protected by a
password. Correct the program.
Three or more axes (in the normal direction control mode two or more
axes) were specified as helical axes in the helical interpolation mode.
233 DEVICE BUSY When an attempt was made to use a unit such as that connected via
the RS–232–C interface, other users were using it.
239 BP/S ALARM While punching was being performed with the function for controlling
external I/O units ,background editing was performed.
240 BP/S ALARM Background editing was performed during MDI operation.
241 ILLEGAL FORMAT IN G02.2/G03.2 The end point, I , J , K , or R was not specified for involute
An erroneous value was specified for involute interpolation.
The start or end point was specified within the base circle.
The value 0 was specified for I , J, K , or R,.
The start or end point exceeds 100 revolutions from the involute
curve start point.
243 OVER TOLERNCE OF END POINT The end point was not positioned on the involute curve which started
at the start point, and the end point was out of the range specified by
parameter No.5610.
250 Z AXIS WRONG COMMAND (ATC) In a system using the DRILL–MATE with an ATC, movement alogn
the Z–axis was specified in a block in which a command for changing
tools (M06 T_)was specified.
251 ATC ERROR An error occurs in the DRILL–MATE in the following cases :
When unusable T code is specified in M06 T_
When the M06 code is specified when the Z coordinate is positive
in the machine coordinate system.
When parameter No. 7810,which specifies the current tool number,
is 0.
When the M06 code is specified in the canned–cycle mode.
When the M06 code is specified in a block in which a reference posi-
tion return code, G27,G28, G29, or G30 is specified.
When the M06 code is specified in the tool compensation mode
(G41 to G44).
When the M06 code is specified without any reference position re-
turn after the power is turned on or after the emergency stop is re-
When the machine lock signal or the signal for ignoring the Z–axis
is turned on while the tool is being changed.
When a “prying” condition is detected while the tool is changed.
Refer to diagnosis parameter No. 530 for identifying the situations
252 ATC SPINDLE ALARM An error due to excessive deviation occurs in spindle positioning
during ATC operation. For details, see diagnosis parameter No.531.
(Only for the DRILL–MATE)
253 G05 IS NOT AVAIRABLE Binary–input operation with a high–speed remote buffer (G05) or
high–speed cycle machining (G05) has been specified in look–ahead
control mode (G08P1). Before attempting to specify these
commands, first specify G08P0; to cancel look–ahead control mode.

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