FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Portable tape reader is the device which inputs the NC program and the
data on the paper tape to CNC.
2. Optical
12. Photoamplifier
13. Reader/punch
interface adapter
11. Cable storage
6. Handle
3. Capstan roller
4. Control switch
1. Light source
5. Tape box
10. Lowering
Lock lever
9. Cover lock
7. Winder
8. Metal A
Table 1 Description of Each Section
No. Name Descriptions
1 Light Sources
An LED (Light emitting diode) is mounted for each channel and for the feed hole (9
diodes in total). A built–in Stop Shoe functions to decelerate the tape. The light source is
attracted to the optical reader by a magnet so that the tape will be held in the correct
position. This unit can be opened upward, by turning the tape reader control switch to
the RELEASE position (this turns off the magnet).
2 Optical Reader
Reads data punched on the tape, through a glass window. Dust or scratches on the
glass window can result in reading errors. Keep this window clean.
3 Capstan Roller Controls the feeding of tape as specified by the control unit.
Tape Reader
Control Switch
A 3–position switch used to control the Tape Reader.
RELEASE The tape is allowed to be free, or used to open the lightsource.
When loading or unloading the tape, select this position.
AUTO The tape is set to fixed position by the Stop Shoe. The feed and stop
of the tape is controlled by the CNC. To input data from tape, the
Light Source must be closed and this position must be selected.
MANUAL The tape can be fed in the forward reading direction. if another posi-
tion is selected, the tape feed is stopped.
5 Tape Box
A Tape Box is located below the Tape Reader. A belt used to draw out a paper tape is
located inside the box. The paper tape can easily be pulled out using this belt. The tape
box accomodates 15 meters of tape.
6 Handle Used to carry the tape reader.
D Names and descriptions
of each section

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