FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Background drawing, 842
Background editing, 713
Base circle specification, 59
Biplane view, 825
Blank figure graphics, 829
Blank form, 834
Block, 24
Block configuration (word and address), 162
Block containing G40 and I_J_K_, 312
Block end position, 236
Block that disables reverse movement, 625
Block to be repeated a specified number of times, 780
Boring cycle, 196
Boring cycle (G86), 198
Boring cycle (G88), 202
Boring cycle (G89), 204
Boring cycle back boring cycle (G87), 200
Bracket nesting, 384
Brackets, 384
Branch and repetition, 387
Buffering the next block in cutter compensation mode (G41,
G42), 406
Buffering the next block in other than cutter compensation
mode (G41, G42) (normally prereading one block), 405
C axis feedrate, 362
Call, 393, 397, 402
Call nesting, 394, 397
Calling a subprogram stored in an external input/output device,
Calling of sub–program, 151
Cancel, 177
Cancel of the compensation function, 111
Canceling three–dimensional tool compensation, 342
Cancellation, 397, 629
Canned cycle, 174
Canned cycle cancel, 206
Canned cycle cancel (G80), 218
Canned grinding cycle (for grinding machine), 219
Center of rotation, 243
Center or max./min., 826
Chamfering, 231
Change from G23 to G22 in a forbidden area, 649
Change in the offset direction in the offset mode, 299
Change of modes, 558
Change of the cutter compensation value, 280, 285
Changing of drawing direction, 829
Changing by G10, 114
Changing parameter PASSWD, 714
Changing the coordinate system, 828
Changing the drilling conditions, 192
Changing the offset value, 262
Changing workpiece coordinate system, 114
Character–to–codes correspondence table, 881
Characters and codes to be used for the pattern data input func-
tion, 432
Checking contents of the memory, 722
Check by running the machine, 499
Check byte, 445
Checking by self–diagnostic screen, 657
Checking during search, 700
Checking the feedrate difference, 100
Checking the minimum grinding wheel diameter (for grinding
machine), 229
Checkpoint for the for bidden area, 647
Choosing from two types of involute curves, 60
Chopping function (G80, G81.1), 468
Chopping function (G81.1), 627
Circular interpolation (G02, G03), 45, 54, 626
Circular interpolation and cutter compensation, 55
Clamp of maximum spindle speed, 133
Clamping maximum spindle speed (G92Sxxxx), 627
Clear, 606
Clearing the screen, 811
Close command PCLOS, 411
Code specifying tool compensation value, 142
Collation, 666, 686
Color, 820, 827
Color of graph, 748
Combination of rotational and linear copying, 236
Combination of rotational copying and linear copying (bolt hole
circle), 241
Command, 146
Command for three–dimensional coordinate conversion (pro-
gram coordinate system), 242
Commands that clear the vector, 345
Commands that generate the same vector as the vector in the
previous block, 345
Comment section, 158
Comments in a program, 717
Common variable, 678
Common variables, 677
Compensation function, 252
Compensation functions, 246
Component operations of the cycle, 191
Concept of word and editing nit, 689
Conditional branch (IF statement), 388
Conditional expression, 388
Conditions for enabling and disabling the custom macro inter-
rupt signal, 417

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