FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Constant surface speed control (G96, G97), 133
Constant surface speed control cancel command, 133
Constant surface speed control command, 133
Constant surface speed control command (G96), 134
Constant surface speed control on/off (G96, G97), 627
Constant surface speed controlled axis command, 133
Continuous high–speed skip function (G31), 79
Continuous–feed surface grinding cycle (G78), 224
Controlled axes, 28, 29
Conversational programming with graphic function, 723
Coordinate system, 110, 233
Coordinate system for the polar coordinate, 51
Coordinate system on part drawing and coordinate system spe-
cified by CNC – Coordinate system, 16
Coordinate system rotation (G68, G69), 353
Coordinate system setting, 55
Coordinate value and dimension, 124
Copying ann entire program, 704
Copying part of a program, 705
Corner deceleration according to the corner angle, 95
Corner deceleration according to the feedrate difference be-
tween blocks along each axis, 98
Corner movement, 306
Corner offset circular interpolation, 271
Corner offset circular interpolation (G39), 277
Corner R, 231
Corner roundness, 97
Correction of interference in advance, 316
Correspondence between parameter numbers and program
numbers, 399, 400, 401
Creating a program, 723
Creating programs, 716
Creating programs in teach in mode, 720
Creating programs using the MDI panel, 717
Criteria for detecting interference, 314
Cross section position change, 839
Cross section position selection in triplane drawing, 841
Current block display screen, 751
Current mode, 807
Current position, 380
Current position display, 506, 754
Current position display in the polar coordinate interpolation
mode, 51
Current time, 808
Custom macro, 370
Custom macro interface, 193
Custom macro interrupt and custom macro modal call, 422
Custom macro interrupt and modal information, 420
Custom macro interrupt and program restart, 422
Custom macro interrupt during execution of a block that in-
volves cycle operation, 417
Custom macro interrupt signal (UINT), 418
Custom macro interrupts and NC statements, 415
Custom macro operation, 628
Custom macro system variables, 246
Cutter compensation, 445
Cutter compensation B (G39 – G42), 270
Cutter compensation C, 60, 289
Cutter compensation cancel, 271
Cutter compensation cancel (G40), 278
Cutter compensation cancel (offset mode cancel), 284
Cutter compensation G code in the offset mode, 304
Cutter compensation left (G41), 273
Cutter compensation right (G42), 275
Cutter compensation value setting, 286
Cutting accuracy, 62
Cutting feed, 84
Cutting feedrate clamp, 88
Cutting feedrate control, 89
Cutting feedrate for the rotation axis, 52
Cutting mode, 89
Cutting mode (G64), 90
Cutting time, 782
Cycle start for the 16–TTA and 18–TTA, 586
Cycle time, 745, 782
Cylindrical interpolation (G07.1), 54
Cylindrical interpolation accuracy, 55
Cylindrical interpolation mode setting, 55
Data and time, 782
Data input/output, 508, 660
Data output command BPRNT, 409
Data output command DPRNT, 410
Data protection key, 504, 727
Data that can be specified, 447
Decimal point input, 773
Decimal point programming, 130
Default axis name, 30
Deleting a block, 696, 726
Deleting a word, 695
Deleting all programs, 701
Deleting blocks, 696
Deleting files, 685
Deleting multiple blocks, 697
Deleting one program, 701
Deleting programs, 701
Deleting the previous drawing, 819
Deletion of tool life management data, 143, 144
Description of each display, 807
Detailed information of alarm, 845

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