FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Details of memory used, 766
Differences between macro calls and subprogram calls, 392
Differences from NC statements, 386
Direct constant–dimension plunge grinding cycle (G77), 222
Direction and value of rotation, 249
Direction of the offset, 254
Disabling entry of compensation values, 773
Disagreement between end point and start point, 236
Display, 505
Display including compensation values, 739
Display mode, 839
Display of run time and parts count, 745
Display of software configuration, 553
Display of the coordinate, 839
Display of the coordinate value, 828
Display of the servo axes, 747
Display of the spindle axes, 747
Display on the other screen, 745
Display procedure for the actual feedrate on the current position
display screen, 743
Display procedure for the current position screen in the work-
piece coordinate system, 735
Display procedure for the current position screen with the rela-
tive coordinate system, 737
Displaying a program list for a specified group, 768
Displaying actual speed for master axis only, 459
Displaying and entering setting data, 777
Displaying and setting chopping data, 799
Displaying and setting custom macro common variables, 786
Displaying and setting data, 502
Displaying and setting extended tool life management, 794
Displaying and setting operators setting data, 503
Displaying and setting parameters, 504, 802
Displaying and setting pitch error compensation data, 804
Displaying and setting run time, parts count, and time, 781
Displaying and setting the software operators panel, 789
Displaying and setting the workpiece origin offset value, 783
Displaying and setting tool life management data, 791
Displaying coordinate axes and actual size dimensions lines,
Displaying directory of floppy cassette, 679
Displaying memory used and a list of programs, 765
Displaying pattern data and pattern menu, 787
Displaying the directory, 680
Displaying the directory of floppy cassette files, 680
Displaying the floppy disk directory during file execution, 607
Displaying the pattern menu, 424
Displaying the program number and sequence number, 806
Displaying the program number, sequence number, and status,
and warning messages for data setting or input/output opera-
tion, 806
Displaying the status and warning for data setting or input/out-
put operation, 807
Distance moved and feedrate for polar coordinate interpolation,
Divisor, 385
DNC operation, 591
Drawing a part of a program, 819
Drawing enlargement and reduction, 820
Drawing of final machined figure, 829
Drawing of machining progress, 829
Drawing plane, 820
Drawing rotation, 820
Drawing using dashed lines and solid lines, 819
Drilling axis, 175
Drilling cycle counter boring cycle, 186
Drilling cycle, spot drilling (G81), 184
Drilling mode, 176
Dry run, 499, 640
Dry run feedrate, 640
Duplicate axis names, 30
Dwell (G04), 102, 626
Dynamic graphic display, 820
Editing a part program, 501
Editing of custom macros, 712
Editing programs, 688
Editing unit, 712
Editing when the system waiting for a program number to be
entered, 708
Effective time for a forbidden area, 648
Efficient use of memory, 669
Emergency stop, 644
Emergency stop or reset status, 808
Enabling and disabling manual intervention and return, 629
End of program, 151
End of subprogram, 151
End point error, 61
End position for the arc is not on the arc, 298
Endless repetition, 606
Equation for three–dimensional coordinate conversion, 244
Erase CRT Screen Display, 811
Erasing the program, 589
Error codes, 655
Exact stop, 89, 97, 100
Exact stop (G09, G61), 90
Example of a cylindrical interpolation program, 56
Example of changing T15 to M15, 694
Example of deleting a block of N01234, 696
Example of deleting block containing N01234 to a block con-
taining N56789, 697
Example of deleting X100.0, 695
Example of inserting T15, 693

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