FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

How to indicate command dimensions for moving the tool –
absolute, incremental commands, 19
How to use nomograph, 872
How to view the position display change without running the
machine, 500
HPCC mode, 447
HPF, 561
Hypothetical axis interpolation (G07), 71
I/O channel, 778
I/O devices, 686
In–feed grinding along the Y and Z axes at the end of table
swing (for grinding machine), 230
Inch/metric conversion (G20,G21), 129
Incorrect threaded length, 871
Increase and decrease, 266
Increment in angular displacement or shift, 236
Increment system, 31
Incremental command, 19
Incremental feed, 559
Incrementing the number of machined parts, 745
Index table indexing function, 55, 249
Indexing function and other functions, 251
Indexing position, 249
Indicating the coordinates of the current position, 820
Indicating the current tool position with a mark, 820
Inner side and outer side, 289
Input command from MDI, 322
Input unit, 778
Inputting a program, 666
Inputting and outputting parameters and pitch error compensa-
tion data, 673
Inputting custom macro common variables, 677
Inputting file numbers and program numbers with keys, 686
Inputting multiple programs from an NC tape, 666
Inputting offset data, 671
Inputting parameters, 673
Inputting pitch error compensation data, 675
Inputting/outputting custom macro common variables, 677
Inserting a block, 726
Inserting a word, 693
Inserting, altering and deleting a word, 689
Intensity, 837
Interface signals, 375
Interference check, 314
Intermittent–feed surface grinding cycle (G79), 226
Internal circular cutting feedrate change, 89, 94
Interpolation functions, 38
Interrupt conditions, 414
Interrupt–type custom macro, 626
Interruption of manual operation, 307
Interruption of return operation, 620
Interruption type custom macro, 413
Invalid scaling, 351
Inverse time feed (G93), 86, 627
Involute curve, 59
Involute interpolation (G02.2, G03.2), 57
ISO code, 669
Isometric projection (XYZ,ZXY), 825
JHD, 561
Jog feed, 557
Jog feed and arrow keys, 790
Key input a input buffer, 543
Leader section, 157
Left–handed rigid tapping cycle (G74), 213
Left–handed tapping cycle (G74), 180
Life count override, 798
Life value, 143
Linear copy, 235, 240
Linear interpolation, 43
List of function and tape format, 862
Load meter, 747
Local coordinate system, 121
Local variable levels, 394
Look–ahead control, 97, 101
Look–ahead control (G08), 441
M code, 401, 606
M code group check function, 153
M code setting, 153
M codes for custom macro interrupt control, 415
M codes not locked by auxiliary function lock, 637
M, S, T command by only machine lock, 637
M02, 761
Machine coordinate system, 111
Machine lock, 500, 636
Machine lock and auxiliary function lock, 636
Machine lock, mirror image, and scaling, 629

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