FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Machine position display, 467
Machining a groove smaller than the tool radius, 319
Machining a step smaller than the tool radius, 320
Machining an inside corner at a radius smaller than the cutter
radius, 319
Machining time, 761
Machining using the end of cutter – Tool length compensation
function, 26
Machining using the side of cutter – Cutter compensation func-
tion, 26
Macro alarms, 376
Macro call, 392, 590
Macro call using an M code, 400
Macro call using G code, 399
Macro commands specifying the menu title, 425
Macro instruction describing the pattern name, 426
Macro instruction specifying the pattern data title (the menu
title), 429
Macro instruction specifying the variable name, 429
Macro instruction to describe a comment, 430
Macro statements, 386
Main program and subprogram, 25, 155
Major addresses and ranges of command values, 163
Manual absolute, 602
Manual absolute on and off, 563
Manual absolute on/off, 629
Manual handle feed, 560
Manual handle interruption, 610
Manual intervention, 602, 628
Manual intervention and return, 629
Manual linear/circular interpolation, 576
Manual operation, 494, 554
Manual operation after a feed hold, 564
Manual operation after single block stop, 567
Manual operation after the end of block, 564
Manual operation during cornering, 567
Manual operation during cutter compensation, 565
Manual operation performed in other than cornering, 566
Manual pulse generator, 560
Manual reference position return, 107, 494, 555
Mark display, 824
Mark for the tool current position, 828
Master axis and slave axis, 459
Material dimensions (I, J, K), 834
Material positions (X, Y, Z), 834
Maximum stroke, 32
MDI mode, 629
MDI operation, 587, 756
Meaning of symbols, 289
Memory area, 590
Memory common to path, 489
Memory operation, 496, 584, 585
Memory operation using FS15 tape format, 436
Merging a program, 707
Message screen, 541
Method of replacing battery, 853
Mirror image, 378, 445, 613, 628, 778
Modal call (G66), 397
Modal call nesting, 397
Modal information, 379, 756
Modifying a block, 725
Movement along axes not in the polar coordinate interpolation
plane in the polar coordinate interpolation mode, 51
Movement for which arc insertion is ignored, 363
Moving part of a program, 706
Moving the tool again, 556
Multiple M commands in a single block, 152
Multistage skip (G31), 77
NC statements, 386
NC statements that have the same property as macro statement,
Nesting, 390
Nesting of calls using G codes, 399
Next block, 233
Next block display screen, 752
Nomographs, 870
Normal direction control (G40.1, G41.1, G42.1 or G150, G151,
G152), 359
Normal direction control axis, 362
Normal direction control of the C axis, 360
Normal operation, 459
Number of digits for program number, 708
Number of files registered, 606
Number of involute curve turns, 62
Number of lines in a program, 589
Number of machined parts, 379
Number of repetitions, 606
Number of tool compensation values and the addresses to be
specified, 346
Offset, 629
Offset cancel mode, 284
Offset data input and output, 671
Offset mode, 284
Offset mode cancel, 285
Offset plane selection and offset vector, 272
Offset value, 502
Offset vector in interpolation, 344

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