FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Subprogram call using an M code, 401
Subprogram calling, 236
Subprogram calls using a T code, 402
Subprogram configuration, 166
Subprogram nesting, 589
Subprogram–type interrupt and macro–type interrupt, 415
Supplementary explanation for copying, moving and merging,
Surface speed specified in the G96 mode, 135
Switch between cutter compensation left and cutter compensa-
tion right, 279
Switching automatic operation mode, 626
Switching between synchronous operation and normal opera-
tion, 459
Symbols in figures, 177
Synchronous operation, 458
System screen, 539, 732
System variables, 375
System variables (position information values) for the interrupt
program, 421
Tandem control, 465
Tangential speed constant control, 84
Tape code list, 859
Tape end, 159
Tape format, 778
Tape start, 157
Tapping cycle, 194
Tapping mode, 89
Tapping mode (G63), 90
Temporary cutter compensation cancel, 303
Terminating MDI operation, 588
Terminating memory operation, 585
Test operation, 635
Testing a program, 499
THD, 561
The center of the arc is identical with the start position or the
end position, 299
The characters for replacement, 711
The distance to return to reference position, 556
The length of the tool center path larger than the circumference
of a circle, 313
The length of tool center path larger than the circumference of a
circle, 302
The next block to G31 is an absolute command for 1 axis, 76
The next block to G31 is an incremental command, 76
The number of characters for replacement, 711
The previous block contains G41 or G42, 312
The second auxiliary functions (B codes), 154
The tool movement by manual operation, 495
There is no inner intersection, 298
Thread cutting (G33), 73
Threading, 233
Three basic axes and their parallel axes, 245
Three–dimensional coordinate conversion (G68, G69), 242
Three–dimensional tool compensation (G40, G41), 342
Three–dimensional tool compensation vector, 343
Tilting, 826
Time information, 376
Time settings, 782
Timing for displaying an alarm, 649
Tool axis direction, 571, 575
Tool axis direction handle feed, 568, 572
Tool axis direction handle feed/tool axis direction handle feed
B, 568
Tool axis normal direction handle feed, 568, 571
Tool center path with an intersection, 300
Tool center path without an intersection, 301
Tool change type A, 147
Tool change type B and C, 148
Tool change type D, 148
Tool changing machining, 829
Tool comp., 827, 839
Tool compensation memory and the tool compensation value to
be entered, 347
Tool compensation value, 628
Tool compensation values, 375
Tool compensation values, number of compensation values, and
entering values from the program (G10), 346
Tool current position, 828
Tool form, 835, 841
Tool function (T function), 139
Tool group number, 142
Tool length measurement, 775
Tool length offset (G43,G44,G49), 253
Tool length offset cancel, 256
Tool length offset command, 52
Tool life, 149
Tool life management, 142, 626
Tool life management command in a machining program, 146
Tool life management function, 141
Tool life management screen, 798
Tool life value, 142
Tool movement around an inner side of a corner (180° x ),
Tool movement around an inside corner (180° x ), 308
Tool movement around an outside corner at an acute angle (
t 90°), 310
Tool movement around an outside corner at an obtuse angle
(90° x t 180°), 309
Tool movement around the inside ( t 1°) with an abnormally
long vector, linear linear, 295
Tool movement around the inside of a corner (180° x ), 294

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