FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

Tool movement around the outside corner at an acute angle (
t 90°), 297
Tool movement around the outside corner at an obtuse angle
(90° x t 180°), 296
Tool movement around the outside linear linear at an acute
angle less than 1 degree ( t 1°), 311
Tool movement around the outside of a corner at an obtuse
angle (90° x t 180°), 291
Tool movement around the outside of an acute angle ( t 90°),
Tool movement by programing – automatic operation, 496
Tool movement in offset mode, 294
Tool movement in offset mode cancel, 308
Tool movement in start–up, 290
Tool number, 142
Tool offset, 55
Tool offset (G45–G48), 265
Tool offset command, 51, 52
Tool offset memory, 773
Tool offset value, 266
Tool path at corner, 875
Tool path in a cutting feed, 82
Tool selection function, 140
Tool withdrawal and return, 615
Tool withdrawal and return (G10.6), 462
Tool withdrawal and return function, 628
Transfer speed, 445
Transition from the offset cancel mode to the cutter compensa-
tion mode (Start up), 272
Travel distance 0, 233
Travel distance along the drilling axis G90/G91, 176
Travel distance display, 611
Triplane view drawing, 833
Triplane view graphic, 829
Turning on the power, 551
TV check, 669, 778
TV check (Vertical parity check along tape), 161
Two–path control function, 485
Type I (when an interrupt is performed even in the middle of a
block), 415
Type II (when an interrupt is performed at the end of the block),
Types, 147
Types of variables, 371
Unavailable G codes, 233
Unconditional branch (GOTO statement), 387
Undefined variable, 372
Unit of graph, 747
Unspecifiable functions, 62
Usage count, 149
Usage time, 149
Using a subprogram only, 169
Using M99 in the main program, 168
Valid operations, 790
Valid range of tool compensation values, 346
Variable representation, 371
Variables, 371
Waiting for paths, 487
Warning for data setting or input/output operation, 808
Warning messages, 544
What is a file, 661
When a movement command in the next block in only one axis,
When interference is assumed although actual interference does
not occur, 318
When no retraction distance is specified, 619
When reset after a manual operation following a feed hold, 565
When the next block involves no movement in cutter com-
pensation C (G41, G42) mode, 406
When the next block is not buffered (M codes that are not buff-
ered, G31, etc.), 405
When the next move block is an incremental, 565
When the same sequence number is found several times in the
program, 780
When the switch is ON during cutter compensation, 566
Withdrawal, 463
Without specifying a program number, 708
Word search, 690
Work coordinate system and graphics, 817
Workpiece coordinate system, 112
Workpiece coordinate system compensation values (workpiece
zero point offset values), 381
Writing memo, 662

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