FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Machining Center Operators Manual

1 The spindle speed is limited as follows :
1 spindle speed
Spindle speed : rpm
Thread lead : mm or inch
Maximum feedrate : mm/min or inch/min ; maximum command–specified feedrate for
feed–per–minute mode or maximum feedrate that is determined based on mechanical
restrictions including those related to motors, whichever is smaller
2 Cutting feedrate override is not applied to the converted feedrate in all machining process from
rough cutting to finish cutting. The feedrate is fixed at 100%
3 The converted feedrate is limited by the upper feedrate specified.
4 Feed hold is disabled during threading. Pressing the feed hold key during thread cutting causes
the machine to stop at the end point of the next block after threading (that is, after the G33 mode
is terminated)
Thread lead
Maximum feedrate
Thread cutting at a pitch of 1.5mm
G33 Z10. F1.5;

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