Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

This manual is for conversational automatic programming function.
The conversational automatic programming function is software in which
functions of an epoch–making automatic programming system
“Symbolic FAPT” are assembled, and this “Symbolic FAPT” allows even
unexperienced NC programmers to produce NC data for machining at
once simply by depressing buttons according to the instructions on the
graphic display CRT. The CNC can execute machining according to a
program soon after programming it at a site, or it can execute another
programming during machining.
The Symbolic FAPT produces NC data and loads them into built–in
memory (machining memory). Machining is made according to the NC
data in memory (also called NC program).
During machining, another program can also be produced by using
Symbolic FAPT function. When the machining memory has been
unloaded after machining, another program being prepared at the
automatic programming section is registered to the machining memory.
Since NC data loaded in machining memory are prepared in standard NC
language, an operator who knows the standard NC language can directly
check or modify NC data of standard NC language in machining memory
by using the CRT.
(Since NC data can be registered again to machining memory after
modifying NC data at the automatic programming section without any
need of modifying machining memory data, it is not necessary to modify
machining memory data usually.)

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