Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(a) File number
Files stored on a floppy cassette are numbered sequentially starting
from file number 1. Thus, files are numbered in sequence of
storage in the cassette. That is, file 3 is the third file stored if the
beginning of a cassette is the beginning of a file like the cassette 1
case. When file number k+1 is specified for the volume 1, file
numbers are extended to volume 2 in which the file k+1 is searched,
judging that file k+1 is not on volume 1 or the remaining data in
the last file on the volume 1 is continued to on volume 2.
In this case, the system notifies to the operator to replace volume
1 with volume 2 by flickering the red and green light emitting
diodes (LEDs) alternately. However, if volume 2 where the
beginning of a cassette is not the beginning of a file is mounted
first, the first file on the volume (in this case, the remaining data
for file k on volume 2) is ignored if a file is searched. If file number
1 is specified, for example, file k+1 on volume 2 is searched. If
volume 1 is replaced by volume 2 during the file search and a new
file number i is specified, the ith file from the file positioned next
to the remaining data file is searched.
(b)Status of floppy cassette
When a floppy cassette is ready for operation, the operator is
notified by the display LEDs on the floppy cassette adaptor.
(2)Notes for family program input
Each file is initialized when data are read from the floppy cassette after
specifying the family program input. Accordingly, if the floppy
cassette is disconnected during read or if a data other than family
program is read (No data is read as a result.), the file contents in the
15–TF main memory are broken. Particularly be careful with the
selection of input/output, accordingly.
(3)When floppy cassette was fully loaded
If the floppy cassette was fully occupied with data during data loading,
the red and green lamps alternately flicker in the memory cassette
adapter. Set a new memory cassette.
(4)Mixing of files
The family programs, material files, tooling files, and sub cycle files
can be mixedly loaded into the same floppy cassette. In this case, a
tooling file cannot be read being regarded as family program, for
For operation of the floppy cassette/adapter, refer to the operators
manual for FANUC FLOPPY CASSETTE (B–66040E).

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