Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

5. Finish Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Feed amount 1 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
Feed amount 2 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
Feed amount 3 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
Feed amount 4 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
6. Grooving Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Feed amount 1 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
Feed amount 2 (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
7. Threading Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Cutting depth (mm) ´ (inch)
In the case of conditions for milling machining
1. Center drill Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Feed amount FT (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
2. Drill Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Feed amount FT (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
3. Tap Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
4. End mill Cutting speed (m/min) ´ (feet/min)
Feed amount FR (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
Feed amount FT (mm/rev)´ (inch/rev)
(2)Cautions regarding to system changing
(a) Whenever a family program is input, the system unit system must
be set to the unit system at the output time without fail before
executing the program input.
(b)If the NC machine tool does not provide the inch/metric conversion
function, enter dimensional values by utilizing the arithmetic
function of Symbolic FAPT.
For processing a drawing in the inch unit by using a metric system
output NC tape, for example, enter data as follows.
d * 25.4 “INPUT” (d: Dimension described in drawing)
(c) For the surface speed in the inch system, give data in the feet/min
(d)There is no method to know in which unit system the data in the
main memory was prepared. Therefore, operator must manage the
unit system responsibly. For instance, when the tooling
information and the material data made in the metric system are
converted to the inch system, do as follows after setting system
parameter and MTF to the inch system.
Furthermore, be careful when instructing repeatedly as follows
because the data changed in inch unit is converted to the data in inch
unit repeatedly.
Moreover, display, confirm and modify correctly the data after
conversion because the error accumulates if the data converted
Besides, output to the submemory or external devices the data of
which the unit system converted. When the power supply is cut,
the data on the main memory disappears.

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