Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Symbolic FAPT
1 Be sure to specify G246 in a separate block.
2 G codes other than G240 must not be placed between the
G245 and G246 blocks.
G245P_ , ;
G01X_Y_,_ ; ² This specification is illegal.
G246 ;
3 G240 (color specification) can be specified between the
G245 and G246 blocks.
G245P_ , ABC ;
G240P_ ; ² Changes the color of characters
P_ , XYZ ; (XYZ).
G246 ;
4 The following specification is permitted:
G245P_ , ABC;
P_ ;
A character string (ABC) is displayed repeatedly.
(3)Soft keys
The meanings of the soft keys displayed on the screen are as follows:
“CHECK” Checks set data. If no error is found, the drawing. . . . .
screen is displayed for drawing operation.
“NEW” Pressed when new data is created. If this soft key is. . . . . . . .
pressed, and the “END” soft key is pressed with no
data entered, the previous data is maintained.
“DELETE” Deletes the line indicated by the cursor. To erase all. . . . .
the data, use this soft key, and delete data line by line.
“INSERT” Inserts entered data to just above the line indicated by. . . . .
the cursor. If the keyin buffer line contains no data,
nothing occurs when this soft key is pressed.
“PAGE ° Displays the previous page.. . . . . .
“PAGE ± Displays the next page. There are a maximum of 12. . . . . .
“CURSOR ° Moves the cursor backward.. . .
“CURSOR ± Moves the cursor foreward.. . .
“END” Redisplays the SYSTEM DATA SETTING &. . . . . . . .
When the “CHECK” soft key is pressed on the data setting screen, the
drawing screen appears unless any error is found. On this screen, the user
can check the drawing to see if the desired picture is obtained.
The meaning of the soft key displayed on this screen is as follows:
SAVE END Data is saved to submemory, then the SYSTEM DATA
SETTING & OUTPUT/INPUT screen reappears. After this soft key is
pressed, switching the power off and then on again causes the figure
displayed here to appear on the initial screen.
EDIT SCREEN Returns the display to the previous edit screen. This
soft key is pressed when the display contents need to be corrected.
Check Screen

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