Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 2)
4) Deleting and inserting figure elements:
(i) Deleting elements
Move the cursor to the element to be deleted and select the
ELEMENT DELETE software key. However, it is not
possible to delete the periods between figures. Any attempt to
do this will result in a THIS IS A NULL AND VOID KEY
NOW” message.
(ii)Inserting elements
Inserting single elements is the same as the normal operation to
define part figures. When inserting another figure between
multiple figures that have already been defined, the procedure
is as follows:
1 Move the cursor to the period between the figures.
2 Select the [INSERT FIGURE] software key.
3 The prompt for the starting point of the next figure will be
displayed; enter the proper data.
Subsequent operation are the same.
(b)Display of element symbols
1) Element symbols
The group of elements that can drawn as a single stroke figure will
be displayed as a single figure, with periods marking the
boundaries between the figures. It is not possible to enter or delete
these periods directly from the keyboard.
2) The starting point of the first element for the first figure will be the
starting point for machining during the NC text creation, so this
should be taken into account when defining part figures.
Workpieces will be machined in the order in which the figures were
3) When defining the second and subsequent figures, first set the data
for the starting point and then press the key for the element symbol.
This is the only process that is different from defining the first
figure (when defining the first figure, the element symbol is entered
first and then the prompt for the starting point data will appear).

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