Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 2)
(8)Side milling
The expansion diagram of the part face is drawn and the element
symbol question screen appears. Define the figure using the symbolic
key in the same way as milling figure input.
The element symbols that can be input are as follows:
°, ±, ², ³, ¾ , ½, ¼, ¿,
, , R, C
The circular expansion diagram horizontal axis is the length of the part
figure at Z. The vertical axis is the length of the circle in the cylindrical
diametervalue at C. The value of C is input in degrees (deg). The
expansion diagram vertical horizontal ratio depends on the cylindrical
diameter value. In the case of a new definition the expansion diagram
vertical horizontal ratio initialvalue is 1 to 1 until the numerical value
is set in the cylindrical diameter question. In correction mode, if the
cylindrical diameter is changed the message “EXECUTING” flashes
briefly while the ratio of the expansion diagram is being changed.
An example of a cylindrical figure
Fig. 1.3.2 (a)

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