Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 2)
Figure definition screen (example: holes in Caxis end surface)
(3)Machining definition
1) As with the conventional system, a figure to be machined is
specified using the cursor on the cutting area screen.
2) When determining the process sequence, care must be taken. In the
example shown in Fig. 1.5 (a), milling must be performed before
drilling. Suppose that the feed operation is performed in mode 2
(see (4) below). In this case, if drilling is specified before milling,
the resultant NC data causes the tool to move in rapid traverse and
strike against the workpiece.
(4)NC data creation
One of the following two feed modes can be selected by parameter
1) In mode 1, cutting feed is performed from the blank and surface.
2) In mode 2, the tool moves in rapid traverse until it reaches the
machining plane specified in part figure definition, then cutting
feed is performed.
Mode 2 is valid in the following processes:
a) Caxis center drilling
b) Caxis drilling
c) Caxis tapping
d) Caxis grooving
Mode 1 (safety mode) Mode 2 (efficiency mode)

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