Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 4)
5) If cutter compensation is performed by the FAPT (bit 0 of MTF 1305
is set to 0) and if cutting is executed along the contour of a closed blank
outline, the NC data are created so that the cutting end point (EP) meets
the cutting start point (SP) on the actual tool path.
Example: Cutting with normal approach/retraction on the right side of
a blank outline
After the cutting condition screen, the screen to specify the cutting
position appears.
POS = (1: YES 0: NO)
Specify the figure to be cut using the cursor. For a figure that can be cut,
the cursor blinks. The cursor is moved by pressing “CURSOR
FORWRD” or CURSOR BACK or by entering 0. After selecting a
desired figure with the cursor, press NEXT PAGE, or enter 1.
When a figure to be cut has been specified, the system prompts the user
to specify whether to cut another area with the same tool.
ANOTHER AREA ? CN = (1: CUTTING 0: NON). . . . . . .
If 1 is entered, the cutting condition screen is displayed again.
If 0 is entered, the machining type selection screen is displayed again.
Specifying the Cutting
Position for C–axis

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