Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

1. Symbolic FAPT
Symbolic FAPT
The Symbolic FAPT is an epoch making NC automatic programming
system which enables even unexperienced NC operators to prepare NC
tape immediately according to the instructions on the graphic display
Each process from design drawings to NC tape preparation is entirely
advanced by the conversational operation with the graphic display CRT.
For (1) selection of coordinate system by drawing methods (2) selection
of figures of blank and input of dimensions (3) input of parts figures and
dimensions, and (4) selection of machining process and decision or
cutting conditions etc., the operator has only to answer questions from the
The parts figure can be input simply by depressing corresponding symbol
keys on the operators panel according to the profiles of a workpiece
described on design drawings.
When dimensions and various data are input, various pieces of reference
information are illustrated on the CRT from time to time, and questions
are given to the operator using daily language.
When data are input, the figure of blank and parts profile are drawn
immediately, and automatic calculations of NC command data are started.
The tool path is concurrently displayed as figures.
Unless otherwise specified, this manual uses the screens of the Symbol
CAPi T to describe functions.

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