Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 2)
If “VARIABLE” is selected in response to the “INTERVAL”
prompt, it is necessar
y to specify that the angles A1 to AE rotate in the same
direction. If this r
equirement is not satisfied, a Necessary data missing
error is detected.
This holds true also for phase angles.
(2)Screen for specifying holes on a line on the end face
Specify the following values:
PLANE (ZAXIS): PZ = Position of the drilling plane
DEPTH: DT = Hole depth
THREADING DIA: WT = Hole diameter
THROUGH HOLE: TH = 1 for through hole, 0 for blind hole
CENTER DRILL: CG = 1 for center drilling, 0 for other
TAPPING: TA = 1 for tapping, 0 for other machining
POSITION (YAXIS): LY = Position of the line (radius)
INTERVAL: AB = Whether multiple holes are drilled at
regular intervals (0 for regular intervals,
1 for irregular intervals)
HOLE PITCH: PH = Interval between holes when drilled at
regular intervals (radius)
HOLE QUANTITY: AC = Number of holes (Up to 100 for drilling
at regular intervals, up to 6 for drilling at
irregular intervals)
HOLE POSITION: DX1=Hole position (X coordinate, the
position of the first hole when multiple
holes are drilled)
DX2=Position of the second hole (diameter,
for drilling at irregular intervals)
DX3=Position of the third hole (diameter, for
drilling at irregular intervals)

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