Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(MENU 2)
(12) Screen for specifying a figure on a side face
The YZ plane is drawn and prompts relating to figure elements and
coordinates are displayed. Input a figure, using the symbolic keys.
The following figure elements can be specified:
³ ± ² ° ½ ¿ ¼ ¾
Program a radius as both a Y coordinate and Z coordinate.
The rest of the procedure is the same as that for specifying a figure on an
end face.
When the first element is specified, the prompt CP = is displayed. In
response to this prompt, specify the side to be cut, as viewed from the start
point of the element.
CP = 0: On the right side, 1: On the left side, 2: On the element
Two or more singlestroke figures can be input. After a single figure
(single–stroke figure) has been defined, the prompt ES = is displayed.
In response to this prompt, press the INPUT key or the [NEXT PAGE] soft
key. The DEFINE ANOTHER FIGURE? prompt is displayed. In
response to this prompt, enter 1, INPUT. Then, repeat the procedure
used to define the first figure. To abandon the definition of the second
figure, enter 0, INPUT. Up to ten singlestroke figures can be
programmed. (See additional information 1.)

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