Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Machining start position
This is automatically calculated using the turret turning
position and tool mounting position. To change this value,
note the following conditions.
The path of approach or escape varies with the relation
between the work position and machining start position. In
simultaneous two axis movement, approach or escape is
performed ad shown in Fig. A unless no interference
between a work and tool exists. If interference with a work
exists, the tool bypasses the work as shown in Fig. B.
(4)Cutting direction and cutting data
Input direction is the same sa standard one.
Select CP = 2 for C axis machining or Y axis machining of rear end
face, as milling tool data to move the cursor to machining position.
(5)Cutting condition
Input method is the same as standard one.
Primary machining NC data are prepared in primary machining
coordinate system, and back machining NC data, in back machining
coordinate system.
X2 axis is not drawn.
Primary machining coordinate Back machining coordinate
NC Data Preparation
(Menu No.5)

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