Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Prepared back machining NC data require use of geometry offset. A tool
is selected at the machining start position in primary machining
coordinate system, geometry offset is applied at the time of approach, and
work coordinate system is shifted. When machining is completed, offset
is canceled at the time of escape, and the tool returns to the machining start
position in primary machining coordinate system. NC data to shift
coordinate system using G50 cannot be prepared.
G00 X200. Z300. ;
G50 S4500 M75 ;
G96 S200 M3 ;
X104. Z5. T0101
; *
X100. ;
G01 X97. Z2 F0.65 ;
G00 X200. Z300. T0000 ;
M01 ;
* A block which approach is not made directly from the machining start
position (X200. Z300.) to approach point (X100. Z5.) and which a
work is bypassed, is output.
The layout of screen is the same as before. Milling front view is a drawing
viewed from the front side. On this screen, any figure on the rear side is
drawn with dotted lines.
In back machining FAPT, any shuck figure is not drawn.
Work regrasping from primary machining to back machining is not
Designate an M code in MTF No.1145 with which FAPT perceives the
start of back machining. When the M code designated here is executed,
FAPT animation drawing changes into back machining mode.
Animation Drawing
(Menu No.6)

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