Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(1)Executing automatic process determination
When automatic process determination starts, the processes, tools, and
cutting areas are automatically determined from the machining
procedure data, tooling information, tool data, and material data.
(Automatic screen transition)
The automatic screen transition function can display how the material
figure changes on the screen during automatic determination. To
enable automatic screen transition, change the following system
No.708: 0 0 x 0 0 0 0 0
Speed of automatic process determination
0 : High speed (Automatic screen transition is disabled.)
1 : Low speed (Automatic screen transition is enabled.)
For Caxis processes, the change of the material figure is not displayed
but the position of the machined area is indicated by the cursor.
(2)Suspending automatic process determination
If the manual input flag is on or a necessary data item cannot be
automatically determined during automatic process determination,
processing stops at the screen displayed when a problem occurs. In
that case, enter necessary data and press the NEXT PAGE soft key to
resume processing.
(3)Ending automatic process determination
When all processes are created, processing stops displaying the tool
list on the screen. To create NC data, press the NEXT PAGE soft key
to return to the menu, then press the soft key for menu item 5. To check
or modify processes, press the CORRECTION soft key, press the
CURSOR or CURSOR soft key to position the cursor at the desired
process, then press the NEXT PAGE soft key.

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