Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Symbol CAPi T
data type
590 Graphic 6 Parts figure for Caxis machining
591 Graphic 2 C–axis machining path (reaming)
592 Graphic 2 C–axis machining path (boring)
600 Character 1 Version information displayed on the initial screen
601 2 Not used
602 Character 1 Displaying entered commands in response to a request made by pressing the
[AUXILIARY] key on the initial screen
603 Character 2 Messages from the system
604 Character 4 Mounting messages related to BC and EF
605 Character 2 Name of a file displayed when a family program is input and output
606 Character 0 Menu display
607 Character 1 Displaying invalid input data
608 Character 1 Message “(1: ABORT, 0: CONTINUE)
609 Character 4 Wink No. 1
(wink for menu numbers on the menu screen and symbol names in prompts)
610 Character –6 Wink No. 2
(wink “being executed”)
611 Character –4 Wink No. 3
(wink for parameter Nos. being specified)
612 Character –3 Wink No. 4
(process number wink for menu No. 4)
613 Character 4 Cursor for indicating a machining area and an enlargement range
614 Character 1 Error message
615 Character 4 Prompt symbol name at the bottom
616 Character 4 Symbol (called keyword) for messages other than the current prompt message
617 Character –4 Entered data (displayed to the right of a keyword)
618 Character 7 Main title on the first line, and page number
619 Character 4 Subtitle on the first line, and the same message in a prompt (mainly in the main
620 Character 4 Message on line 2
621 Character 4 Fixed messages
(messages other than prompts that always appear on the page, and related
(Example) 1 : ROUND BAR on the material selection screen.
622 Character 6 Fixed messages for one page (a group of similar messages on one page of a
process chart or the like)
623 Character 4 Prompt messages
624 7 Not used

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