Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Symbol CAPi T
data type
625 Character –3 Keyword in a prompt and the related data
626 Character –5 Message “PRESS THE SOFT KEY
(with the screen fixed)
627 Character 6 Message accompanying a message in a prompt
(Example) Accompanying message displayed when EErelated data is
entered for groove figures
628 Character 6 Data (including numeric data) already entered
(Example 1) Color of element symbol displayed on line 2 on a machining
profile definition screen
(Example 2) Parameter data and coordinate data displays
629 Character 7 Main title with no page number
(Example 1) Parameter and data setting displayed when DATA SET on the
initial screen is pressed
650 2 Not used
651 Character 0 Scaling factor display character “S=”
652 Character 4 T code display character “T”
653 Character 1 O–number display character “O”
654 Character 5 NC data
655 Character 7 Coordinate characters “X” and “Z”
656 Character 4 Cutting time display character Cutting =
657 Character 4 Rapid traverse time display character Rapid traverse =
660 Graphic 2 Color for blank figures in animated drawings
661 Graphic 4 Color for chucks in animated drawings
662 Graphic 4 Color for tailstocks in animated drawings
663 Graphic 5 Color for center lines in animated drawings
Do not change
the set values.
664 Graphic 1 Color for tool holders in animated drawings
the set values.
665 Graphic 1 Color for the chip of tool post 1 in animated drawings
666 Graphic 1 Color for the chip of tool post 2 in animated drawings
667 to 699 Undefined Not used
670 Character 4 Color for input data on the initial screen data setting screen
671 Graphic 4 CAF (machining area) drawing color
(Do not change the data.)
672 to 689 Undefined Not used
690 Character 7 Prompt symbol name at the bottom of the animation screen for menu Nos. 5
and 6
691 Character 7 Symbol (called keyword) for prompt messages other than the current prompt
message on the animation screen for menu Nos. 5 and 6

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