Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

data type
0621 Character 4 Fixed messages (messages other than questions that invariably appear on
that page and their accompanying messages).
(Example) 1. CYLINDER display at material select picture.
0622 Character 6 Fixed messages for one page (groups of messages that appear several times
on one page, such as process list).
0623 Character 4 Question message.
0624 7 Not used.
0625 Character –3 Question key word and relevant data.
0626 Character –5 PRESS SOFT KEY message (with picture fixed).
0627 Character 6 Messages accompanying the message currently under question.
(Example) Accompanying message displayed when EE data is entered at
groove shape input: (0: LAST 1: NEXT)
0628 Character 6 Already keyedin data and numeric data
(Example 1) Color of element symbol displayed on the 2nd line at machining
figure definition picture.
(Example 2) Parameter data and coordinate data display.
0629 Character 7 Main title with no page No.
(Example) PARAMETER & DATA SET when DATA SET key is pressed
at initial picture.
0650 2 Not used.
0651 Character 0 Scale value display S =
0652 Character 4 T code display ‘T’
0653 Character 1 O No. display “O”
0654 Character 5 NC data.
0655 Character 7 Coordinate display ‘X’, ‘Z’.
0656 Character 4 Cutting time display CUTTING =’.
0657 Character 4 Rapid feed time display RAPID =’.
0660 Graphic 2 Color of blank of animated simulation Do not change the setting
0661 Graphic 4 Color of chuck of animated simulation
0662 Graphic 4 Color of tail stock of animated simulation
0663 Graphic 5 Color of center line of animated simulatio
0664 Graphic 1 Color of tool holder of animated simulation
0665 Graphic 1 Color of tip of turret 1
0666 Graphic 1 Color of tip of turret 2 (TTF only)
0667 to
Undefined Not used
0670 Character 4 Color of the data programmed on the initial screen data setting screen

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