Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

There are no questions, TW, TB, or F2 in the case of
necking. There are no questions on pecking 1 machining
in grooving finish machining and necking machining.
(12)Threading conditions
CLEARANCE CT = Clearance quantity (mm or inch). . . . . . .
CS = Clearance quantity (mm or inch
CE = Clearance quantity (mm or inch)
DEPTH OF CUT D = Depth of cut (mm or inch). . . . .
DL = Final depth of cut (mm or inch)
CUTTING SPEED V = Cutting speed (m/min or feet/min). . . .
2 Whether the inquiry of MAXIMUM RPM is made or not
depends on the status of bit 0 of system parameter No.702.
0 :The inquiry is not made.
(The maximum spindle speed depends on the value set
in parameter No.128.)
1 :The maximum spindle speed is set every process.
Setting of system parameter No.128 is neglected.
However, the system does not ask this maximum spindle
speed if the process is set in such a way as the constant
surface speed function is not used in system parameters
No.107 115.
A value of system parameter No.128 is output in these
processes. Also, the question of the maximum spindle
speed is omitted when cutting another position by using
the same tool.
(13)1st override for outside diameter roughing
For outside diameter roughing, override can be applied to the 1st depth
of cut and feed rate.
In the machining definition of outside diameter roughing, the system
asks the override value on the cutting condition screen. Answer this
question, key in the override value. It is possible to omit the question
on the override value on the cutting condition screen by advance
setting to skip the override value and question on the override value
in the system parameter.

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