Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

(4)Example of division
Assume a line is drawn in the arrow direction from the flickering
cursor when each arrow key is depressed. The portion bounded by the
lines in these arrow directions, blank figure, and parts figure are
machined. A residual blank figure, which may be kept unmachined
after the cutting area has been lathed out, will be displayed, on the CRT
screen. Since Symbolic FAPT can display drawings of these residual
blank figures one by one, you can check the remaining cutting quantity
very easily.
It is possible that a part of blank cannot be machined by any means
because of tool figures. In such a case, the system automatically
checks the relation between tool figure and parts figure, and displays
such an unmachined pocket on the CRT screen. Accordingly, you can
machine the pocket by using another tool.

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