Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

The tool to be used is automatically selected from the tool data. As a
means of selection, the process type (KP) registered in the tool data per
tool is referred to. The value of KP of each tool must always be set before
executing the automatic process decision function. It is possible to set 3
types of KP per tool.
KP Process type
1 Center boring
2 Drilling
3 End roughing
4 Outside diameter roughing
5 Inside diameter roughing
6 End intermediate finishing
7 Outside diameter intermediate finishing
8 Inside diameter intermediate finishing
9 End finishing
10 Outside diameter finishing
11 Inside diameter finishing
12 End grooving
13 Outside diameter grooving
14 Inside diameter grooving
15 Outside diameter necking
16 Inside diameter necking
17 Front threading
18 Outside diameter threading
19 Inside diameter threading
Tooling information is automatically created anew if the tool is
automatically selected. All the previously created tooling information is
As the tool selection number (TN) and the tool offset number (TM) of the
data of the tooling information created anew, the executed–process
number is set as it is. For example, the tool selection number of the tool
used in process 01 becomes 01. As other setting data, the data existing
in the tool data is used as it is. The automatic process decision is not
executed well, therefore, unless setting data is set accurately in the tool
The turret number is not automatically set if there are more than 1 tool
rests. It is to be set manually by the operator.
Tool data and tooling

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