Fanuc Symbol CAPi T Operators Manual

Details of automatic process determination and notes on its use,
Details of Caxis figure data, 411
Determining inverse processes (automatic process
determination function B option), 638
Display and setting, 291
Display of machining time, 142
Display of submemory file name and file deletion, 216
Displaying and setting of tooling informations, 456
Displaying screens with background color, 724
Division of machining area, 371
Drawing a cutting area and painting a blank figure, 135
Drawing format, 715
Drawing of program coordinate system and blank figure, 39
Drawing type, 716
Drilling, 528
Enlargement and reduction in the animated screen, 170
Entering cutting conditions for slanted surface machining, 784
Error display message, 294
Error messages, 346, 899
Error when NC data is prepared, 399
Errors at accessing the submemory, 902
Errors at animation drawing (menu 6), 901
Errors at defining figures (menu 2), 900
Errors at machining definition (menu 4) and NC data
preparation (menu 5), 901
Errors common to all screens, 899
Example of NC data, 621
Example of outputting NC data, 790
Executing automatic process determination, 627
Execution of Symbolic FAPT, 32
Expansion and contraction of graphic display, 314
Explanation for CRT/MDI panel, 9
Explanation of functions, 203
Explanatory drawing of cutting conditions, 943
Extended sub cycle function, 188
Face milling, 477
Family program, material data, tooling information sub cycle
file, 219
Family program, material data, tooling information, sub cycle
file, 229
FAPT I/O interface, 231
Figure definition, 492
File data input/output function, 233
File name registration in the floppy cassette or handy file, 235
File protection, 223
Finish allowance and surplus thickness, 389
Fixed use of coloring data, 725
Flow of animated simulation, 695
Flow of animation, 161
Format of parameter tape, 293
Function code, 863
Function for automatically registering parameters and data in
submemory, 226
Function for automatically setting area division points, 108
Function for defining the center of an arc according to a given
single coordinate, 80
Function for preparing the next tool, 353
Function table (MTF 2000S), 857
G85/G89 boring cycle, 487
General lathe setting method, 260
Groove bottom figure, 392
Grooving, 391
Grooving when the tool width and groove width are the same,
Handling of floppy cassette and adapter, 229
Home and index positions, 671
Home position and turret index position, 746
Home position and turret index position (menu No.3), 609
How a sub cycle is output on NC part program, 190
In–feed machining in Caxis face milling process, 491
Incremental designation, 312
Initial screen display function, 340
Initialization of tooling information, 259
Input and modification of part figure data, 55
Input and output of the tool data and collation, 455
Input/output and collation of data, 218
Input/output and collation of tool data, 252
Input/output data format, 234
Input/output of graphic data, 172
Input/output of material data, 245
Input/output of sub cycle file, 178
Input/output with submemory, 219
Inserting or deleting Caxis figure data, 410
Interference check, 336, 392, 715
Interference check by tool shape and machining shape, 336
Interference check function, 702

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