PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

GST The SOR signal is used for:
0 : Spindle orientation
1 : Gear shift
SGB Gear switching method
0 : Method A (Parameters 3741 to 3743 for the maximum spindle speed
at each gear are used for gear selection.)
1 : Method B (Parameters 3751 and 3752 for the spindle speed at the gear
switching point are used for gear selection.)
SGT Gear switching method during tapping cycle (G84 and G74)
0 : Method A (Same as the normal gear switching method)
1 : Method B (Gears are switched during tapping cycle according to the
spindle speed set in parameters 3761 and 3762).
NSF When an S code command is issued in constant surface speed control,
0 : SF is output.
1 : SF is not output.
SFA The SF signal is output:
0 : When gears are switched.
1 : Irrespective of whether gears are switched.
#3 #2 #1
[Data type] Bit
PG2 and PG1 Gear ratio of spindle to position coder
Namber of spindle revolutions
Number of position coder revolutions
Magnification PG2 PG1
1 0 0
2 0 1
4 1 0
8 1 1
GTT Selection of a spindle gear selection method
0: Type M.
1 : Type T.
1 Type M:
The gear selection signal is not entered. In response to an
S command, the CNC selects a gear according to the speed
range of each gear specified beforehand in parameters.
Then the CNC reports the selection of a gear by outputting
the gear selection signal. The spindle speed corresponding
to the gear selected by the gear selection signal is output.
Type T:
The gear selection signal is entered. The spindle
speed corresponding to the gear selected by this signal is
2 When the constant surface speed control option is selected,
type T is selected, regardless of whether this parameter is
3 When type T spindle gear switching is selected, the following
parameters have no effect:
No.3705#2 SGB, No.3751, No.3752, No.3705#3 SGT,
No.3761, No.3762, No.3705#6 SFA, No.3735, No.3736
However, parameter No.3744 is valid.

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