PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

8010 Selection of the DI/DO group for each axis controlled by the PMC
[Data type] Byte axis
[Valid data range] 1 to Number of Controlled axes
Specify the DI/DO group to be used to specify a command for each
PMCcontrolled axis.
Value Description
1 DI/DO group A (G142 to G149) is used.
2 DI/DO group B (G154 to G161) is used.
3 DI/DO group C (G166 to G173) is used.
4 DI/DO group D (G178 to G185) is used.
5 DI/DO group E (G464 to G471) is used.
6 DI/DO group F (G476 to G483) is used.
7 DI/DO group G (G488 to G495) is used.
8 DI/DO group H (G500 to G507) is used.
8022 Upperlimit rate of feed per revolution during PMC axis control
[Data type] Word
[Unit of data]
[Valid data range]
Valid data range
Increment system Unit data
Millimeter machine 1 mm/min 6 to 15000 6 to 12000
Inch machine 0.1 inch/min 6 to 6000 6 to 4800
Rotation axis 1 deg/min 6 to 15000 6 to 12000
This parameter sets the upper limit rate of feed per revolution during PMC
axis control.
The upper limit specified for the first axis is valid for all axes.
The specifications for the second and subsequent axes are

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