PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

1 An axis number assigned to a cam shaft cannot be selected
as a tracking axis.
2 Keep the bits for axes not used as tracking axes at 0.
Number of cam figure data items
When this parameter ise set, the power must be turned off
before operating is continued.
[Data type] Word type
[Valid data range] 3 to 2048 (When parameter No.8081#3 (EXD) is set to 0.)
3 to 14999 (When parameter No.8081#3 (EXD) is set to 1.)
Set the number of cam figure data items for the electronic cam function.
If you change the setting of this parameter, you need to clear
the tape storage area. Before clearing it, back up the part
program. To clear, hold down the <DELETE> key and turn
on the power.
Tolerance for a tracking axis speed difference at the start/end of synchronization
performed when the electronic cam function is used
[Data type] Twoword axis
[Unit of data] Detection unit
[Valid data range] 0 to 99999999
Specify a tolerance for a difference in speed between the cam shaft and
each tracking axis when they are connected and disconnected during the
electronic cam operation provided by the electronic cam function.
Read descriptions about the electronic cam function in Connection
Manual (Function) for details.
Set a value not lower than the result of the following expression.
Tracking axis speed (mm/min) at the start/end of synchronization
Assuming the tracking axis speed (mm/min) at the start/end of
synchronization is 360 mm/min:
360/7.5 = 48
Therefore, set 48 or greater.
This parameter is valid when phase matching is not used (bit
1 (NCP) of parameter No. 8082 = 1).

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