PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

Difference between reference counters for master and slave axes
(Synchronous control one pair)
When this parameter is set, the power must be turned off
before operation is continued.
[Data type] 2word
[Data unit] Detection unit
[Valid data range] 99999999 to 99999999
This parameter indicates the difference between the values in the
reference counter for the master axis and that for the slave axis.
Once grid positioning has been completed, the difference
between the reference counters is automatically set in this
parameter. At this time, bit 1 (ATS) of parameter No.8302 is
set to 0.
8317 Torque difference alarm detection time (Synchronous control one pair)
[Data type] Word
[Data unit] ms
[Valid data range] 0 to 4000 (When 0 is set, 512 ms is assumed.)
This parameter specifies the period between the servo preparation
completion signal (SA <F000 bit 6>) being set to 1 and the check of the
torque difference alarm being started, for the torque difference alarm
detection function.
The set value is rounded up to the nearest a multiple of 16 ms.
[Example] When 100 is specified, 112 ms is assumed.
Maximum allowable difference between master axis and slave axis positional deviations
[Data type] Word axis
[Unit of data] Detection unit
[Valid data range] 0 to 32767
This parameter sets the maximum allowable difference between the
master axis and slave axis position deviations. If a positional deviation
difference exceeds the value specified in this parameter, an alarm
(No.213) is issued.
Set this parameter with a master axis. If 0 is specified in this parameter, no
position deviation difference check is made.

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