PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

8516 Maximum allowable number of highspeed position switches
[Data type] Word
[Valid data range] 1 to 16
Specify the maximum allowable number of highspeed position
D The number of highspeed position switches specified in
this parameter is the sum of ordinary and decisionby
direction highspeed position switches.
D To put the setting of this parameter in effect, turn the power
off and on again.
D If a specified value is out of the valid data range, the
highspeed position switch function is disabled.
The larger value is set in the parameter, the longer time the
processing takes.
For each switch, therefore, you should set the same number
as their switch number.
However, you need to include the switches disabled using
parameter Nos. 8500 and 8501 in the number of switches.
Therefore, the setting of the parameter must match the
highest highspeed position switch number to be used.
Example: When the first, fourth, and tenth highspeed
position switches are used, parameter No. 8516 must be
set to 10 or greater even if the other highspeed position
switches are disabled. In this case, you should set
parameter No. 8516 to 3 to use the first, second, and third
highspeed position switches if you are going to use only
three highspeed position switches.
8517 Start address of highspeed position switch output
[Data type] Word
[Valid data range] 1000 to 1002 (builtin I/O Y address range)
Specify the Y signal address where the first to eighth highspeed position
switch signals are to be output. The output addresses for the ninth to
sixteenth highspeed position switches are specified as the address
specified in parameter No. 8517 plus 1. It is unnecessary to specify
separate addresses for the ordinary and decisionbydirection
highspeed position switches. Parameter Nos. 8504 and 8505 are used
to specify what bits of the output address are to be used as ordinary or
decisionbydirection highspeed position switches.
) Each bit of the Y address specified in this parameter is assigned
to the first highspeed position switch, the second highspeed
position switch, and so on sequentially, starting at bit 0. It is
impossible to change the sequence and to skip bits.

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