PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

#5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0
[Data type] Bit
LZR Checking of stored stroke check during the time from poweron to the
manual position reference return
0: The stroke check is checked.
1: The stroke check is not checked
When an absolute position detector is used and a reference
position is already set upon powerup, stored stroke limit
check 1 is started immediately after powerup, regardless of
the setting.
BFA When a command that exceeds a stored stroke check is issued
0: An alarm is generated after the stroke check is exceeded.
1: An alarm is generated before the stroke check is exceeded.
The tool stops at a point up to F/7500 mm short of or ahead
of the boundary.
(F: Feedrate when the tool reaches the boundary (mm/min))
1320 Coordinate value I of stored stroke check in the positive direction on each axis
1321 Coordinate value I of stored stroke check in the negative direction on each axis
[Data type] 2word axis
Increment system ISA ISB ISC Unit
Millimeter machine 0.01 0.001 0.0001 mm
Inch machine 0.001 0.0001 0.00001 inch
Rotation axis 0.01 0.001 0.0001 deg
[Valid data range] 99999999 to 99999999
The coordinate values of stored stroke check in the positive and negative
directions are setfor each axis in the machine coordinate system. The
outside area of the two checks set in the parameters is inhibited.
Set the machine coordinates of the
boundaries in the positive direction
(Xp, Yp, and Zp) using parameter No.
1320, and those of the boundaries in
the negative direction (Xm, Ym, and
Zm) using parameter No. 1321. The
prohibited area thus becomes the
hatched area in the figure on the left.

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