PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

1 Set parameter No.1620 to time constant T
used for
bellshaped acceleration/deceleration in rapid traverse, and
set this parameter to time constant T
For details of time constants T
and T
, see the description
of parameter No.1620.
2 When this parameter is set to 0, linear acceleration/
deceleration is applied in rapid traverse. The setting in
parameter No.1620 is used as a time constant in linear
Time constant of acceleration/deceleration in cutting feed for each axis
[Data type] Word axis
[Unit of data] ms
[Valid data range] For exponential acceleration/deceleration
0 to 4000
For linear or bellshaped acceleration/deceleration after cutting feed
interpolation is applied
S When the time constant expansion function is not to be used (bit 1 of
parameter 1605 = 0)
0 to 8192
S When the time constant expansion function is to be used (bit 1 of param-
eter 1605 = 1)
Number of controlled axes Vaild data range
1 to 2 0 to 32000
3 to 4 0 to 16000
5 to 8 0 to 8000
Specify the cutting feedrate acceleration/deceleration time constant for
each axis.
Set the time constant used for exponential acceleration/deceleration in
cutting feed, bellshaped acceleration/deceleration after interpolation or
linear acceleration/deceleration after interpolation in cutting feed for each
axis. Use parameters CTLx and CTBx (bits 0 and 1 of parameter No.
1610) to specify what type to use. Except for special applications, the
same time constant must be set for all axes in this parameter. If the time
constants set for the axes differ from each other, proper straight lines and
arcs cannot be obtained.

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