PDF Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Parameter Manual

1821 Reference counter size for each axis
When this parameter has been set, the power must be
turned off before operation is continued.
[Data type] 2word axis
[Valid data range] 0 to 99999999
Set the size of the reference counter.
When using the linear scale with reference marks, set the space between
the mark1 indications.
1825 Servo loop gain for each axis
[Data type] Word axis
[Unit of data] 0.01 s
[Valid data range] 1 to 9999
Set the loop gain for position control for each axis.
When the machine performs linear and circular interpolation (cutting), the
same value must be set for all axes. When the machine requires
positioning only, the values set for the axes may differ from one another.
As the loop gain increases, the response by position control is improved.
A too large loop gain, however, makes the servo system unstable.
The relationship between the positioning deviation (the number of pulses
counted by the error counter) and the feedrate is expressed as follows:
Positioning deviation =
60 (loop gain)
Unit : Positioning deviation mm, inches, or deg
Feedrate : mm/min, inches/min, or deg/min
loop gain: s
1826 Inposition width for each axis
[Data type] Word axis
[Unit of data] Detection unit
[Valid data range] 0 to 32767
The inposition width is set for each axis.
When the deviation of the machine position from the specified position
(the absolute value of the positioning deviation) is smaller than the
inposition width, the machine is assumed to have reached the specified
position. (The machine is in the inposition state.)

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