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Connection requirements


CNC System


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    1andron GmbH SchlatterstraBe 288142 Wasserburg / BodenseeGermanyPhone: +49 (0) 8382/9855-0 Fax:+49 (0) 8382/ www.andron.de23456789101112131

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    Introduction_Technical Handbook andronic 3060VersionV 1.1Date13.10.2011AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaToolsThis documentation was created with Microsoft Word an

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    _IntroductionTechnical Handbook andronic 30603Table of contents.................................................................................................

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    Introduction_Technical Handbook andronic 3060Introduction_Technical Handbook andronic 3060In the creation of this handbook, we have made the greatest effort and

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    _IntroductionTechnical Handbook andronic 30605Warning notes and symbolsMeaning of the symbols used in this document:SymbolMeaningUThis notice contains general a

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    Introduction_Technical Handbook andronic 30606Use as directedIntroduction andron products are developed and produced according to the latest technologies. Theya

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    Connection Requirements

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    2Connection RequirementsTechnical Handbook2Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookVersion DateAuthorEditing/IllustrationsTrade markCopyrightValidityPublished

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    3Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookRevisions.............................................................................................................

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    Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookConnection RequirementsTechnical HandbookThe following notes generally must be observed:> All connections are to be mad

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    5Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookMalfunctions in many cases result from dusty, polluted or greasy contacts. Proper functioning of the control can only

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    6Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookAn electronic rack sealed according to IP 54/55 with a heat exchanger or an air conditioner is to be used. The admissi

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    Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookThe mains voltage must correspond with the admissible operating voltage of the control. This is achieved by connection

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    8Connection RequirementsTechnical Handbook> The ground cables must be connected first to divert the static electricity.> For all signal lines, shielded cables a

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    9Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookAll shields may only be connected on the side of the signal source and must be combined by means of a ground cable bus

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    10Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookWhen the above mentioned instructions are followed, interference sources can be almost entirely excluded. However, in

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    11Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookNon-contacting The quality of the output signals of the non-contact switches is decisive for the perfectswitches (Ini

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    12Connection RequirementsTechnical Handbook12Connection RequirementsTechnical HandbookInput voltage100-240 V AC, 50/60 HzPower consumptionmax. 200 VAInput volta

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    CNC System

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 3060VersionV 2.7Date10.10.2013AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaTrade markAll product names or trademarks are properties of

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    3_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Revisions...........................................................................................................

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 3060VersionDateAdditions and changesInitialsV editionPaV connectors/interfaces X25.3/

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    5_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 30605_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060The andronic 3060 is a compact CNC multiprocessor system with HMI and NC

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 30606The control is available in two versions. The extremely compact control andronic 3060S for standard applications and

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    _CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Illustration: Block diagram of the andronic 3060SIllustration: Block diagr

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 30608Remote Hand-Power Power on wheel SERCOS LWL VGA USBThe connection overview with all interfaces of the control isshow

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    9_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 30609_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060This is an example for an andronic 3060L with 115/230V AC power supply a

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    11_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 306024V DCI/OX72Externe USB Gerate (HD, DVD,Memory-Stick,...)16 Eingange 16 AusgangePower BTL24V DC -HX75.1©©(O)A§&a

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306012Illustration: Inside view of the control housing of the andronic 3060Scindron 03_cnc_system_v2.7.doc

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    13_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060LFLPIllustration: Inside view of the control housing of the andronic 3060L03_cnc_system_v2.7.doc cindron

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306014Licence sticker, housing fans and card holderIllustration: Open andronic 3060s module with licence stickers, fans a

  • Page 34

    15_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Illustration: Open andronic 3060L module with licence stickers, fans and card holderPlease pay attention to the gen

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306016The andronic 3060 is available with two different industrial PC power supplies.The power supply is developed for in

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    _CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 306017The principal item of the andronic 3060 control system are two powerful Intel processors communicating with one ano

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306018Overview of the connections and LEDscindron 03_cnc_system_v2.7.doc

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    19_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Connections of the backplaneLEDs of the backplaneNameInterfaceConnectorDescriptionCN1ATX power connector24-pin ATX

  • Page 39

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306020Backplane key: System Wake UpNameDescriptionExplanationS1System Wake Up keyPower on key of the HMI CPU card:In rare

  • Page 40

    21_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060The new developed PCI-Express backplane was added with some new features compared with the previous PCI backplane.F

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306022Overview of the connections and LEDs (Large-Version)cindron 03_cnc_system_v2.7.doc

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    23_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Connections of the backplaneLEDs of the backplaneBackplane keyS1SYSTEM Ini WAKE UPV J MMI CPU \_i Power OnCN...Inte

  • Page 43

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306024PC boards - HMI/NC CPU cardsGeneral The principal item of the andronic 3060 control system are two powerful Intel p

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    25_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060The andronic 3060L is equipped in the standard version with two different CPU cards with different performance and

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306026Description of the CPU The SHB210 Half-Size single board computer is optimized for an Intel® Socket Mcard - SHB210

  • Page 46

    27_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060View of the Socket M CPU card front/backsideIllustration: Front side of the SHB210 with processor, all interfaces a

  • Page 47

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306028External DVI board for SHB210 CPUIllustration: DVI BoardAX93221 (andron Art,-No.: +CMZ7801)To select the higher dis

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    29_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Controls that were delivered with these MMI BIOS versions 14.0.x, must be marked from outside because the higher di

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306030Description of the CPU The HS-7165 Full-Size PCIe single board computer is optimized for an Intel® mobile dualcard

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    31_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060The FS-A75 Full-size PCIe CPU card supports Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 and Celeron® Mobile processors. It offers

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306032View of the CPU boardIllustration: CPU board FS-A75The CPU BIOS default configuration are described in the appendix

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    33_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060CPU Type_+cXXXXXXOrder number of all CPU cards of the andronicM................HMI CPU cardN................NC CPU

  • Page 53

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306034DescriptionThe NC multifunction card II (NCM2) is the principal item of the NC computer. The card has one or two se

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    35_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Order number+NCMCMXXXSerie / Series_1 ................Serie 1 (PCI) andronic 20602 ................Serie 2 (PCIe)se

  • Page 55

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306036Interfaces of the NCM2X25X24PCIeH14H15H16H17x1X11Illustration: NCM2 multi board with SERCOSII interfacecindron 03_c

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    37_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Overview of the LEDs The NCM2 card has different LEDs depending of the version.LEDColorFunctionin normal operationS

  • Page 57

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306038Hand wheel interface adapter (Option)This interface allows the connection of an electronic hand wheel (Manual Pulse

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    39_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Laser pulse generator card LPN for NCM2 card / Nano generator (Option)The LPN adapter card is a laser-pulse generat

  • Page 59

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306040Con. assignment X28.1 Output nano generatorCon. assignment X28.2 Input nano generator9-pin SUB-DPINSignal descripti

  • Page 60

    CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060The sercos fibre optic cable connects the NC multifunction card II, resp. the interface adapter, of the NC computer wi

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306042General The fibre optic interface card +LWI0101 has four optical inputs. They are linked with theNCM2 card (X7/X9)

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    43_CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060General The fieldbus interface card is located on the HMI side of the controller. The card isresponsible for the co

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306044InterBus-S(only available with andronic 3060L controls)The following interface card with PCI BUS is available at th

  • Page 64

    CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060RAID Controller - SATA II (Option)General The PCI Express card (+ PCC0037) extends the control with two internal SATA

  • Page 65

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306046RAID System (Option) A RAID array of multiple physical hard disks or SSDs increases data availability in case offai

  • Page 66

    CNC SystemCNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 3060External UPS STNO0017 (Option)General Other than conventional uninterruptable power supplies the external UP

  • Page 67

    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306048Technical DataOutput power400 VA / 240 WInput voltage230 VAC ± 15 %, 50/60 HzOutput voltage230 VAC ± 15 %, 50/60

  • Page 68

    _CNC SystemTechnical Handbook andronic 306049293.0, 2350 ,~44 ° 44!=! !=! 1=^ !=! !=! !=!394.5377.5DC03_cnc_system_v2.7.doc cindron

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    CNC System_Technical Handbook andronic 306050Technical dataHMIandronic 3060Sandronic 3060LcomputerCPU cardHalf-size Slot CPU Celeron M / 1.73 GHz orPentium M /1

  • Page 70

    CPU SHB210 BIOS Versions V14.x

  • Page 71

    BIOS V 14.x_Technical Handbook andronic 30602VersionV 1.0Date05.07.2013AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaTrade markAll product names or trademarks are properties o

  • Page 72

    _BIOS V 14.xTechnical Handbook andronic 30603Overview of the BIOS Versions......................................................................................

  • Page 73

    BIOS V 14.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060General The CPU card SHB210 can be configured with different BIOS versions, depending on theuse, equipment and corre

  • Page 74

    5_BIOS V 14.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060BIOS V 14.0 / HMI CPU SHB210Phonix Award BIOS> Standard CMOS Features> PC Health StatusCMOS Setup Utility> Advanced

  • Page 75

    6BIOS V 14.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060Integrated Peripherals> OnChip IDE DeviceIDE HDD Block ModeEnabledIDE DMA transfer accessEnabledOn-Chip Primary PCI

  • Page 76

    _BIOS V 14.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060BIOS V 14.0.x / HMI CPU SHB210Phonix Award BIOS> Standard CMOS Features> PC Health StatusCMOS Setup Utility> Advance

  • Page 77

    BIOS V 14.x_Technical Handbook andronic 30608Integrated Peripherals> OnChip IDE DeviceIDE HDD Block ModeEnabledIDE DMA transfer accessEnabledOn-Chip Primary PCI

  • Page 78

    BIOS V 14.1 / NC CPU SHB210_BIOS V 14.xTechnical Handbook andronic 30609Phonix Award BIOS> Standard CMOS Features> PC Health StatusCMOS Setup Utility> Advanced

  • Page 79

    BIOS V 14.x_Technical Handbook andronic 306010Integrated Peripherals> OnChip IDE DeviceIDE HDD Block ModeDisabledIDE DMA transfer accessDisabledOn-Chip Primary

  • Page 80

    CPU HS-7165 BIOS Versions V15.x

  • Page 81

    BIOS V 15.x_Technical Handbook andronic 30602VersionV 1.0Date17.07.2013AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaTrade markAll product names or trademarks are properties o

  • Page 82

    _BIOS V 15.xTechnical Handbook andronic 30603Overview of the BIOS Versions......................................................................................

  • Page 83

    BIOS V 15.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060GeneralThe CPU card HS-7165 can be configured with different BIOS versions, depending on the use, equipment and corr

  • Page 84

    5_BIOS V 15.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060BIOS V 15.0.x / HMI CPU HS-7165AMI BIOS Setup Utility> Main> Advanced> PCIPnP> Boot> Security> Chipset> Exit> CPU C

  • Page 85

    6BIOS V 15.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060Advanced -Power Button ModeOn/OffAPM ConfigurationRestore on AC Power LossPower OnResume On RingDisabledResume On L

  • Page 86

    CPU FS-A75 BIOS Versions V16.x

  • Page 87

    BIOS V 16.x_Technical Handbook andronic 30602VersionV 1.1Date11.11.2013AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaTrade markAll product names or trademarks are properties o

  • Page 88

    _BIOS V 16.xTechnical Handbook andronic 30603Overview of the BIOS Versions......................................................................................

  • Page 89

    BIOS V 16.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060GeneralThe CPU card FS-A75 can be configured with different BIOS versions, depending on the use, equipment and corre

  • Page 90

    5_BIOS V 16.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060BIOS V 16.0 / HMI CPU FS-A75Select LanguageEnglish> Boot Configuration> ACPI Configuration> Processor Configuration

  • Page 91

    6BIOS V 16.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060Advanced -Active Processor CoresAllProcessor ConfigurationIntel(R) HT TechnologyEnabledDynamic FSB SwitchingEnabled

  • Page 92

    _BIOS V 16.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060Advanced -> Graphics Configuration> IGD ConfigurationSystem Agent (SA) ConfigurationIGD - Boot TypeCRTIGD - Secondar

  • Page 93

    8BIOS V 16.x_Technical Handbook andronic 3060Advanced -Network ConfigurationLAN OPROM SelectionDisabledAdvanced -Event Log ValidityValidSMBIOS Event LogEvent Lo

  • Page 94

    9_BIOS V 16.xTechnical Handbook andronic 3060BootBoot Priority Order1.ATA HDD0: HD name2.USB CD:3.ATA HDD1:4.USB HDD:5.ATA HDD26.USB FDD:7.ATAPI CD:8.ATA HDD3:9

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    • • •Operating panel modules

  • Page 96

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060VersionV 1.4Date15.11.2013AuthorPaEditing/IllustrationsPaToolsThis documentation was created with Mi

  • Page 97

    3Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060Table of contents..................................................................................

  • Page 98

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060VersionDateAdditions and changesInitialsV editionPaV change t

  • Page 99

    5Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060Display operating panel ANV03> XGA 15" TFT display> Connection via standard VGA interface> Touch sc

  • Page 100

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/30606Machine operating panel ANM013> Connected with control via InterBus-S or Profibus> Connection for f

  • Page 101

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060Connector and interface summaryXInterfaceModuleConnectorConnectionX40.1USB interface (1)^ANV03/04 (U

  • Page 102

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060Survey of the operating panel connections24V DCHMICPUX20.1 USBX62 Power TFTors~n]-Oj/GND /+24V© @oo

  • Page 103

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/30609®©©. „ .© cinclron©©©(Q) ANV03®Illustration: Display operating panel ANV03The display ope

  • Page 104

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306010Technical data of the 15" display / touch screenDisplay size15,0" (304 x 228 mm)ResolutionXGA, 102

  • Page 105

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306011Interface description of the ANV03/04X60 VGA interface The intergrated TFT<»VGA interface convert

  • Page 106

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306012©© ©□ □□□lOvTlx?0eU 1 ; 1“A k™0 “—^°o ) *)ioo|0_T_TJ UUU UUUUU UUU UUU UUUUUUU

  • Page 107

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306013Insertion strips The labeling of the free assignable buttons takes place over the insertion strips

  • Page 108

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306014Product keyIllustration: Dimensions and symbol position of the insertion strips (ANM013)2 ........

  • Page 109

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306015Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306015Operating panel logic BTL09 with Int

  • Page 110

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306016Interface designationDesignationXInterface/ connectionInterBus-SX70Connection to the InterBus-S ca

  • Page 111

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306017Operating panel logic The operating panel logic BTL10 is equipped with a Proflbus-DP Interface and

  • Page 112

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306018Profibus-DP addressing Alternatively, two operating panel logic versions are available. The differ

  • Page 113

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306019The operating panel logic BTL11 is equipped with a Profibus-DP, EtherCAT or CAN-Bus Interface and

  • Page 114

  • Page 115

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306021Interface designationDesignationName Interface/connectionProfibus interfaceX76Connection to the Pr

  • Page 116

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306022Interface assignment of the ANM013X70/71 InterBus-S The communication between the operating panel

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  • Page 118

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306024Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306024X72 Inputs (24V)On the operating pan

  • Page 119

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306025On the operating panel logic are as well 16 free programmable outputs available. A temperature or

  • Page 120

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306026X75 Power supply (24V) The operating panel logic (BTL09 / BTL10) behind the machine operating pane

  • Page 121

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306027Input voltagePower consumptionWeigth ca. Dimensions (W x H x D)Internation Protection (DIN 40 050,

  • Page 122

  • Page 123

    Operating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/306029Step switch and I/O'sFeedOVX9/1526.0512+14.0X9/2526.1512+14.1X9/3526.2512+14.2BTL: BUS-Teilnehmer

  • Page 124

    04_operating_panel_modules_vl.4.doc7s(A0)3Q.D(AOperating panel modulesTechnical Handbook andronic 2060/3060

  • Page 125

    Description and Definition of Interface SignalsV 3.16.01cinclrorf

  • Page 126

    GeneralInterface Signals2GeneralInterface Signals2Version DateBe valid forAuthorEditing/IllustrationsTrade markCopyrightValidityPublished byV 3.16.01 12.07.2011

  • Page 127

  • Page 128

    GeneralInterface SignalsVersionDateAdditions and chanqesInitialsV 3.1005.01.2007Additions:> PLC * CNC Maximum speed 2 / Confirmation maximum speed 2> CNC * PLC

  • Page 129

    CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals5Drive ready(One input per axis)Definition of Signal Page 301 Signal:The drive is ready to be enabled and power is switched on. The dr

  • Page 130

    6CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsDrive enable 1 Signal:(One input per axis) The controller voltages and the bus voltages (of the drives) are applied and the driveis e

  • Page 131

    CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsMove command plus(One input per axis)Definition of Signal Page 321 Signal:The axis is commanded to move in positive direction or is mo

  • Page 132

    8CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals8CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsProgram in reset state(Program counter = 0)Definition of Signal Page 32Zero return point reached all axesD

  • Page 133

    CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals9Definition of Signal Page 321 Signal:The automatic program has finished without errors.0 Signal:Appears again when automatic program

  • Page 134

  • Page 135

    11CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsGrinding motor verticalDefinition of Signal Page 34PLC input signal for the anlog command GRINDING MOTOR

    ... The

  • Page 136

    12CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsSteady resetPLC input signal for anlog command SWITCH 51 ON or SWITCH 51 OFF.Definition of Signal Page 35Measuring tracerDefinition

  • Page 137

    CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsV2PLC input signal for anlog command SWITCH 54 ON or SWITCH 54 OFF.Definition of Signal Page 35V3Definition of Signal Page 35PLC input

  • Page 138

    14CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals1 Signal:Emergency stop CNCDefinition of Signal Page 35The CNC is in emergency stop condition. Possible causes:> Emergency stop is i

  • Page 139

    CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsSpecial function 8Definition of Signal Page 35PLC input signal for anlog command SWITCH 30 ON or SWITCH 30 OFF.Special function 7Defin

  • Page 140

  • Page 141

    17CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsDefinition of Signal Page 38Acknowledges the switch on position transformation signal. 0 Signal:Position transformation is switched

  • Page 142

    18CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsAcknowledgement for the selection "Tap axes selection request". Precondition is that the signal "CNCtap mode reset" has 1 signal.Def

  • Page 143

    19CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals2 bytes are reserved for this value in the setting data. However, lower-order byte only will be output to the SPS. No check concerni

  • Page 144

  • Page 145

    21CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsThe output results in 2 bytes binary. Possible exchanges between upper byte and lower byte are done by the PLC.M-WordDefinition of S

  • Page 146

    22CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsPLC variables serve to exchange numeric values between the PLC and the CNC in both directions. The CNC is the active participant. Th

  • Page 147

    23CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsSequence CNC reading:1.2.CNC checks whether "acknowledgement bit PLC variable" = 0. If NOT: wait.CNC writes "Index PLC variables" an

  • Page 148

    CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals24StrobePLC variablesDefinition of Signal Page 421-signal indicates to the PLC that the CNC wants to transmit variables. After the pro

  • Page 149

    25CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals1 Signal:CNC carries out restartDefinition of Signal Page 43Axis transformation activeDefinition of Signal Page 43The CNC carries ou

  • Page 150

    26CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals26CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsConfirmationmaximum speed 2Definition of Signal Page 43Control end position reachedDefinition of Signal

  • Page 151

    27CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals27CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsCollision protection OFFDefinition of Signal Page 43Spindle number n switched onDefinition of Signal Pag

  • Page 152

    CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals28CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals28Machine position activeDefinition of Signal Page 44Rotation switched onDefinition of Signal Page 44LineS

  • Page 153

    29CNC ^ PLCInterface Signals29CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsG&M code H parameterDefinition of Signal Page 44Axis code modifier bit status class 2Definition of Signa

  • Page 154

    30CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsS = Description of the signal see page* = Symbol not defined• = Signal currently not in useInputs (#0)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.Ax

  • Page 155

    31CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#4)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxTw.A0%IW4Realtime state 2 axis A6As.AxTw.X1Realtime state 2 axis X6As.AxTw.Z2Realtime state 2

  • Page 156

    32CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#8)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxPl.A0%IW8Axis A move command plus7As.AxPl.X1Axis X move command plus7As.AxPl.Z2Axis Z move co

  • Page 157

    33CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#12)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxRz.A0%IW12Axis A relative zero reached8As.AxRz.X1Axis X relative zero reached8As.AxRz.Z2Axis

  • Page 158

    34CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#16)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxZp.A0%IW16Axis A zero return point reached10As.AxZp.X1Axis X zero return point reached10As.A

  • Page 159

    35CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#20)SymbolBitAddressSignalS%0%IX20.0End terminal B [SWITCH 37, Port 29, Bit 0]12%1%IX20.1End terminal C [SWITCH 45, Port 29,

  • Page 160

    36CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsFree assignable inputs of the PLCInputs (#24)SymbolAddressSignalSAs.P13_By%IB24anlog output byte 1315Inputs (#25)SymbolAddressSignal

  • Page 161

    37CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#32)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.PthSw.D00%IW32Path switch 016As.PthSw.D11Path switch 116As.PthSw.D22Path switch 216As.PthSw.D3

  • Page 162

    38CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#36)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxMi.A0%IW36Axis A move command minus7As.AxMi.X1Axis X move command minus7As.AxMi.Z2Axis Z mov

  • Page 163

    39CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#40)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.Softkey.D00%IW40Soft key activation D018As.Softkey.D11Soft key activation D118As.Softkey.D22So

  • Page 164

    40CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#43)SymbolAddressSignalS*0%IX43.0Spark gap controNer status: Generator ready-*1%IX43.1Spark gap controNer status: Generator

  • Page 165

    41CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 0 (#53)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod0%IX53.0M-word modification bit process 020As.SWrdMod1%IX53.1S-word modifi

  • Page 166

    42CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#68)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.PLCRVar.StatIndex%IB68Status byte with 3 bit index240%IX68.0Index PLC variables D8241%IX68.1In

  • Page 167

    43CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#78)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.OpMdSpTap0%IX78.0CNC operation mode spindle tap24As.Restart1%IX78.1CNC carries out restart25As

  • Page 168

    44CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#84) (#85)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.SprkForCnt%IW84Electrical discharge statistics: Counter of forward signals in 100 ms27No

  • Page 169

    45CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 1 (#100)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P10%IX100.0M-word modification bit process 120As.SWrdMod_P11%IX100.1S-wo

  • Page 170

    46CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 2 (#115)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P20%IX115.0M-word modification bit process 220As.SWrdMod_P21%IX115.1S-wo

  • Page 171

    47CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 3 (#130)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P30%IX130.0M-word modification bit process 320As.SWrdMod_P31%IX130.1S-wo

  • Page 172

    48CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#145)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.AxStaWrdBit3.A0%IW145Drive status word Bit 3 axis AAs.AxStaWrdBit3.X1Drive status word Bit 3

  • Page 173

    49CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 4 (#147)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P40%IX147.0M-word modification bit process 420As.SWrdMod_P41%IX147.1S-wo

  • Page 174

    50CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 5 (#162)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P50%IX162.0M-word modification bit process 520As.SWrdMod_P51%IX162.1S-wo

  • Page 175

    51CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 6 (#177)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P60%IX177.0M-word modification bit process 620As.SWrdMod_P61%IX177.1S-wo

  • Page 176

    52CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs NC-process 7 (#192)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.MWrdMod_P70%IX192.0M-word modification bit process 720As.SWrdMod_P71%IX192.1S-wo

  • Page 177

    53CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#218-241)SymbolAddressTypeSignalSAs.ActPos.A%ID218DINTActual position axis A (previous symbol As.ActPosAxA)29As.ActPos.X%ID2

  • Page 178

    54CNC ^ PLCInterface SignalsInputs (#256-319)SymbolAddressSignalSAs.SercPar.A%ID256Cyclic SERCOS parameters A axis (prev. symb. As.SercParAxA)29As.SercPar.X%ID2

  • Page 179

  • Page 180

    56PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals1 Signal:Operation mode MDIDefinition of Signal Page 80Operation mode MDI selection. This operation mode is confirmed by PLC input o

  • Page 181

    57PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals0 to 1 change:Cycle startDefinition of Signal Page 80Cycle stopDefinition of Signal Page 80Rapid traverse movement selectionDefiniti

  • Page 182

    58PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals1 Signal:0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1Definition of Signal Page 81Variable incrementsDefinition of Signal Page 80Selection of a fixed amount o

  • Page 183

    59PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsSelection to set the CNC zero point or movement to the CNC zero point of one axis. One axis must be selected. This function is done

  • Page 184

  • Page 185

    61PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals61PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsV-Spindle rotational directionDefinition of Signal Page 82V-Spindle onDefinition of Signal Page 82T-Word

  • Page 186

  • Page 187

    63PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsNote: For applications in which no fast response of the direct hardware input signals of the CNC is required, the signals can be red

  • Page 188

    64PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsAxis index coding 0...15 for position/temperaturecompensationAxis index coding takes place in bits D0-D3. The assignment can be seen

  • Page 189

    65PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsAuswahl:Position/temperaturecompensationvalueDefinition of Signal Page 87Position shiftingHandling of correction values in the CNC:I

  • Page 190

    66PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsSelection:Temperature correction, dependent from positionThe temperature compensation takes place in the drive. The CNC generates th

  • Page 191

    67PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsSelection:Temperature correction factor, independent from positionThe temperature compensation takes place in the drive. The CNC gen

  • Page 192

    68PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsThis signal only takes effect in the operating mode „Manual", if an automatic program has been interrupted. The axis movements whi

  • Page 193

    69PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsA synchronous axis system consists of one leading axis and one, two or three sequence axes. Two axis systems can be defined with ent

  • Page 194

    70PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals1 Signal:Collision protection in manual mode offDefinition of Signal Page 83Collision protection will be switched off. The collision

  • Page 195

    71PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsThe PLC configuration data is stored in the controller's EEPROM. There are two sets of 20 bytes. The first 20 bytes do not have a pa

  • Page 196

    72PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals72PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsAcknowledgement bit PLC variableWith 1-signal the PLC acknowledges the processing of the PLC variables,

  • Page 197

    73PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsCondition:Spindle 1-4 start manuallyDefinition of Signal Page 89Spindle 1-4 direction manuallyDefinition of Signal Page 89Generator

  • Page 198

  • Page 199

    75PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals75PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsTap axes selection requestDefinition of Signal Page 89CNC tap mode resetDefinition of Signal Page 89Sele

  • Page 200

  • Page 201

    PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsGenerator signals(Output)These two ports are for internal entries of the generator states.Definition of Signal Page 90irs=The output s

  • Page 202

  • Page 203

    79PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsS = Description of the signal see page* = Symbol not defined• = Signal currently not in useOutputs (#50)SymbolAddressSignalSAc.PLC

  • Page 204

    80PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#54)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.AxFr.A0%QW260A axis feed release55Ac.AxFr.X1X axis feed release55Ac.AxFr.Z2Z axis feed releas

  • Page 205

    81PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#58)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.AxSe.A0%QW264Axis A selected57Ac.AxSe.X1Axis X selected57Ac.AxSe.Z2Axis Z selected57Ac.AxSe.Y

  • Page 206

    82PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#64)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.Sp1Stop0%QX270.0Spindle 1 set to zero revolutions60Ac.Sp2Stop1%QX270.1Spindle 2 set to zero r

  • Page 207

    83PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#69)SymbolAddressSignalSAc.ExtPgNr%QB275External program number68Outputs (#70)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.Gantryi0%QX276.0Swi

  • Page 208

    84PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#73)SymbolAddressSignalSAc.P9_By%QB279anlog input byte 962Outputs (#74)SymbolAddressSignalSAc.P10_By%QB280anlog input byte

  • Page 209

    85PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals10_interface_signals_andronic_v3.16.01.doc cindron

  • Page 210

    PLC ^ CNCInterface Signals86Outputs (#91)SymbolAddressSignalS*%QB297reservedOutputs (#92)Direct CNCIO 's in the PLC interfaceSymbolAddressSignalSAc.NCIO.Probe0%

  • Page 211

    87PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#99)SymbolAddressSignalS*%QB305reservedOutputs (#100)SymbolAddressSignalSAc.PL.Cmnd%QB306PLC to PC command byte 0Outputs (#

  • Page 212

    88PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#110)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.Softkey.D00%QB316Softkey acknowledgement Bit D071Ac.Softkey.D11Softkey acknowledgement Bit D

  • Page 213

    89PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#114)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAs.PLCsVar.Status%QB320Status byte720%QX320.0Acknowledgement bit PLC variable721%QX320.1Error b

  • Page 214

    90PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#127)SymbolBitAddressSignalS*0%QX333.0Plate position76*1•*2•*3•*4•*5•*6•*7•Note: Only for EDM controlsOutputs

  • Page 215

    91PLC ^ CNCInterface SignalsOutputs (#130)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.RstT.D00%QW336PC timer 0 reset bit D077Ac.RstT.D11PC timer 1 reset bit D177Ac.RstT.D22PC tim

  • Page 216

    Hardware inputs CNCInterface Signals92Outputs NC-process 4 (#134)SymbolBitAddressSignalSAc.MWd_ConfP40%QX340.0M-word confirmation bit process 462Ac.SWd_ConfP41%

  • Page 217

    Hardware inputs CNCInterface signals93ONLY andronic 2060 The following signals are direct inputs of the CNC. Connection is possible either with in thecontrol in

  • Page 218

    Hardware inputs CNCInterface Signals94Normal state.0 Signal:Emergency stop active. All movements are aborted and automatic program switches to basic state.The e

  • Page 219

    Hardware inputs CNCInterface signals95Connector X 22 The parallel I/O interface of the NCIO board of the andronic 2060 has 16 inputs and 16I/O Parallel port out

  • Page 220

    IndexInterface Signals96Direct CNC IOs on PLC interface 63 Direction PLC variables 24Door 2 open 12Drive enable 6, 55Drive ready 5Emergency stop CNC 14 Emergeny

  • Page 221

    IndexInterface Signals andronic 2060/306097LineSearch - Start Enable 78 LineSearch activation - Start enable 78LineSearch operating status activated 28M1/ M2 11