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Additional Manual
Manual for
Synchronous Spindle Motor Drive
A-63639E-103 /03
NEWLY Y.Toyozawa
2003.06.13 01
02 2003.10.15 K.Takahashi
dded SSM etc. Y.Toyozawa
03 2004.06.09 K.Takahashi Revised Pole detect, etc. Y.Toyozawa
6.5.3 Panel cut
6-M 6
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Contents Summary of Manual for Synchronous Spindle Motor Drive Additional Manual

  • Page 1Manual for Synchronous Spindle Motor Drive 1. Outline ……………………………………….……… 2 1.1 System configuration ……………………………………….……… 2 1.2 Applicable SPM ……………………………………….……… 2 2. Connection ……………………………………….……… 3 2.1 Connection of power cable ……………………………………….……… 3 2.2 Connection of feedback cable ………………………………………
  • Page 21. Outline 1.1 System configuration This manual describes the synchronous spindle motor drive based on the assumption of following configuration. [Without SSM] CNC SPM JYA2 Feedback cable BZi / CZi Synchronous Spindle Type-A sensor spindle motor or Type-B TB2 or CZ2 [With SSM] CNC SPM JYA2 Feedback
  • Page 32. Connection Connects the synchronous spindle motor to SPM. In driving synchronous spindle motor, the motor is driven on condition that the power cable and the feedback cable are connected as the follows. 2.1 Connection of power cable The Symbol U, V and W are the power terminal of the synchronous
  • Page 43. Parameter for driving synchronous spindle motor Most of these parameters are added and replaced parameter to drive the synchronous spindle motor. The parameters of no mention are the same parameter as driving the usual induction spindle motor. But some function may be invalid in case of driving s
  • Page 5POLE2.POLE1: These bits decide the pole number of the motor 00: 2 poles 01: 4 poles 10: 8 poles 11: 6 poles 15i 16i 30i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 3012 4012 4012 PWM2 PWM1 PWM2, PWM1: PWM carrier frequency 15i 16i 30i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 3013 4013 4013 DS5 DS4 DS3 DS2 DS1 DS5, DS4, DS3, DS2, DS1: S
  • Page 615i 16i 30i 3100 4100 4100 Base speed for power specification (unit min-1) 15i 16i 30i 3101 4101 4101 Limit for power specification (unit %) 15i 16i 30i 3102 4102 4102 Base speed (unit min-1) 15i 16i 30i 3103 4103 4103 Flux weakening speed when maximum load (unit min-1) 15i 16i 30i 3104 4104 4104 Cu
  • Page 715i 16i 30i 3118 4118 4118 Not used (Set this parameter to “0”.) 15i 16i 30i 3119 4119 4119 Interference voltage compensation 15i 16i 30i 3120 4120 4120 Dead time compensation data 15i 16i 30i 3124 4124 4124 Not used (Set this parameter to “0”.) 15i 16i 30i 3127 4127 4127 Setting for Load Meter disp
  • Page 815i 16i 30i 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st (9D53/C, 9D70/B or later) 3450 4450 4450 5th, 4th, 3rd digit: Magnification to movable detection angle (unit: %) 2nd, 1st digit: Magnification to velocity feedback threshold (unit: %) When Minute moving mode is executed at Auto mode of pole detection, this parameter i
  • Page 94. Input /Output signal The below is the table of Input /Output signal to be need for the pole detection and SSM. The signal of bold type character is added for the synchronous motor. INPUT (PMC CNC) 15i 16i 30i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 G227 G070 G070 MRDY SFR SRV G226 G071 G071 *ESP G228 G073 G073 E
  • Page 105. Alarm & Error number The following alarm and Error number are added or modified for driving synchronous spindle motor. Alarm No. Contents 65 Pole detection is failed. Please refer to chapter 7 (Pole position detection function) about the detail of alarm cause. 89 SSM is abnormal Please refer to c
  • Page 116. SSM (Sub Module for Synchronous Spindle Motor) In this chapter, the follows describe about SSM (Sub Module for Synchronous Spindle Motor). SSM is the module to protect SPM from the high Back EMF when alarm etc. occurred. 6.1 Parameter for SSM ! Caution The follows are the parameters for SSM 15i 1
  • Page 126.2 Output signal for SSM ! Caution The next is the output signal for SSM OUTPUT (PMC CNC) 15i 16 i 30 i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 F230 F048 F048 SSMBRK Symbol MEANINGS & REMARKS SSMBRK SSM abnormal status If Error-36 (SSM is abnormal) is generated, SPM will set the signal “SSMBRK” to “1”. In this cas
  • Page 136.4 Caution about SSM The follows are caution about SSM. [Without SSM] (1) ! Caution If it is not used SSM, Parameter No.4020 (Motor maximum speed) must be limit. If neglect this limitation item, it may be destroyed SPM. Please refer to No.4020 on the item of “6.1 Parameter for SSM”. [With SSM] (1)
  • Page 146.5 Specification of SSM hardware 6.5.1 Specification Connection block diagram SPM TYPE B K17 JYA2 Synchronous Spindle Motor Control Cable JYA4 TB2 or CZ2 K86 Terminal K10 CX31 U2 V2 W2 U1 V1 W1 SSM K70 GND Please refer to 6.5.4 about the detail of cable K10,K17,K70,K86. Sub Module SM is selected by
  • Page 156.5.2 Order number Model name Order number Notes SSM-100 A06B-6111-H403 SSM-200 A06B-6111-H404 6.5.3 Outer dimension Protection cover is attached. Attached by Screw M4 x 2. 55 55 7 U2 V2 W2 180 160 FA N U C LTD C X 31 U1 V1 W1 G round 150 210 (Unit = mm) Protection cover is removed. U2 V2 W2 6-M 10
  • Page 166.5.3 Panel cut 55 55 6-M 6 160 G round (Unit = mm) 03 2004.06.09 K.Takahashi Revised Pole detect, etc. Y.Toyozawa Manual for TITLE Synchronous Spindle Motor Drive 02 2003.10.15 K.Takahashi Added SSM etc. Y.Toyozawa 01 2003.06.13 K.Takahashi NEWLY Y.Toyozawa A-63639E-103 /03 NO. EDT. DATE DESIG. DES
  • Page 176.5.4 Detail of cable K10, K17, K70 Please refer to alpha i series FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER descriptions B-65282EN, chapter 9, and appendix E. 6.5.5 Detail of cable K86 The cable length of K86 should be made within 3m. Moreover, please install SPM and Sub Module SM into the same cabinet to avoid the no
  • Page 187. Pole position detection function It is necessary that Spindle software recognize the pole position for the control of synchronous motor. Therefore, SPM must to execute the pole position detection after become the lost status of pole position. Detection mode of pole detection and How to use In cas
  • Page 197.2 Parameter for Pole detection The follows are the parameters for Pole detection. 15i 16i 30i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 3007 4007 4007 EPFSIG EPFSIG: Select the trigger signal for the pole position detection. Set according to the using the trigger signal. = 0: Use SFR/SRV as the trigger for the pole
  • Page 20Case of No.4084=”0”: After the pole-detection is finished, the pole position (*) corresponds to the reference signal of the motor sensor can be confirmed by using the spindle check board display or SERVO GUIDE arbitrary address output. This confirmed data would be set to No.4084 as AMR offset value.
  • Page 21angle ” of which initial value is 5 degrees. This parameter sets the magnification by % as against initial value. 2 , 1st digit: Magnification to velocity feedback threshold nd This parameter decides the magnification to velocity feedback threshold for stop decision during the new pole detection. If
  • Page 227.3 Input/ Output signal for Pole detection The following signals are used for Pole detection. INPUT (PMC CNC) 15i 16 i 30 i #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 G227 G070 G070 MRDY SFR SRV G226 G071 G071 *ESP G228 G073 G073 EPFSTR MPOF SYMBOL MEANINGS & REMARKS MRDY Machine Ready completed Set to 1 before input
  • Page 237.4 Sequence of Pole detection The pole detection must to be executing only once after Power on or after happening of alarm that loses the pole position. The sequence of pole detection is as (1) and (2) as described below. (1) Case A (Parameter No.4007#7(16i):EPFSIG=0; used SFR/SRV as trigger signal
  • Page 24(2) Case B (Parameter No.4007#7(16i):EPFSIG=1; used EPFSTR as the trigger signal) Power MPOF=0 MRDY & *ESP Alarm, lost pole position & SFR/SRV happens, EPFIX=0 EPFSTR Velocity command Pole set Lost pole position Valid velocity command Invalid velocity command EPFIX Lost pole position Invalid velocit
  • Page 257.5 Pole detection motion In the pole detect sequence, the motor moved as the follows when Pole detection is executed. 7.5.1 Case 1: Auto mode (9D53/C, 9D70/B or later) Auto mode finds the pole-position of motor by the combination of the two modes. Two modes are Minute moving mode and Stop state mod
  • Page 26Job start Job normal end Vphase current Motor speed -1 12 8min /di Time expansion when excitation at 0 degree Time expansion when excitation at 90 degree Stop confirmed time 2sec Stop confirmed time 2sec 7.5.3 AMR offset (9D53/C, 9D70/B or later) AMR offset is used to decrease the dispersion of the
  • Page 274) In this time, one measure is selected from the follows by setting of parameter No.4084. [Case 1: No.4084 = “0”] SPM executes the measure (3) only, and SPM continues to count pole-position. [Case 2: No.4084 <> “0”] SPM calculates the difference (A) between parameter No.4084 and pole-position corre
  • Page 288. Parameter table for each synchronous spindle motor In this chapter, the follows describe the table of parameters for each synchronous spindle motor. 8.1 Procedure for spindle parameter initialization Perform automatic spindle parameter initialization be following procedure below. (1) Set model co
  • Page 298.2 Parameter table for each synchronous spindle motor Motor model name B160L4/6000iS Applicable amplifier SPM-45HVi Applicable software 9D53/B SSM (Sub Module SM) Used PRM No. (*1) 15i 16i 30i 3006 4006 4006 00000000 3007 4007 4007 00000000 3008 4008 4008 01101000 3009 4009 4009 00100001 3010 4010